Everything I Do is Content Production

I just came to a weird realization.

Everything I do is content production.

Attend a meeting, respond to an email, write a few lines of code, build a landing page, film a course, negotiate a contract, speak on stage, run an ad campaign, and even make this post.

It’s just content production.

Contrast that with someone that builds physical products or renders a physical service, where you have physical raw materials, equipment, and inventory.

Because I don’t render a physical product or service (except those clever face socks), I’m a VA.

A few friends have stated that I’m the world’s most prominent VA since we have hired an army of them and helped others employ many more.

But if you are a coach, consultant, speaker, author, counselor, or service provider, are you not a VA too?

Me, sharing my expertise

Why Content Production is Impactful

Most of your job is content production, even if you are technically an attorney or a doctor.

If so, the maximum leverage of your time is to produce “content” instead of processing it, posting it across many channels, or promoting it.

I want to redefine VA as the latter three stages while we, as practitioners, are in the first stage.

If you agree, perhaps we should all be staffing our Content Factories with VAs to handle those three other stages.

My life mission is to create a million jobs for international workers to serve us in this way.

I have explained “how”; it has an embedded video explaining the people, processes, and platforms to enable this for us all.

How to have a significant impact on small ad budgets?

It’s just such an intelligent way to manage risk for people that are risk-averse and hate losing money on ads.

Do a dollar-a-day strategy against your top content that has worked with organic; also have 1-minute video ads that drive eyeballs to the top content.

What do you think?

3 Mistakes: Every job applicant must avoid

3 Mistakes: Every job applicant must avoid
Dennis Yu Training to help you earn $500

I, Dennis Yu the CEO of BlitzMetrics.com am offering job opportunities for many countries who want to work remotely. I want to tell you about some mistakes people make when they apply for jobs.  We are hiring like crazy because we are so fortunate to have so many clients and partners.

Mistake # 1 Reaching out to CEO

The first mistake is that applicants straightly reach out to me and another team member with zero preparation. If you send a message and Say, dear sir, “please hire me” it just has stuff that shows you did not research what our company does. 

It shows you are not following us on social media, this is the reason why you are doing the same as the thousands of other people who are just blasting their resumes out. We have proper system through which we are hiring, so follow the instructions.

Mistake # 2 Not Sending a Personalize message

Make sure you personalize your message and say something specific about what you have learned, which stands out and makes you ahead of 95% of the other candidates. You’ve got to learn to follow directions and know who to contact other team members. It could be someone who’s in a particular group.

There are always some instructions. And you want to demonstrate that you can figure out who is the right person to contact or be able to solve problems for yourself or go through the training.

Mistake # 3 Not checking your message for grammatical errors

Always pay attention to grammatical errors and other kinds of mistakes. We are looking at your ability to communicate. You have errors in there and capitalization and punctuation, so it will hurt your chances. If English is not your first language, then it’s okay, we have a lot of folks in the Philippines, Pakistan, Brazil, and other places. 

You have to show that you can communicate clearly, that does not mean you have to be a writer, or you have to be able to write books or things like that, but avoid things that are sloppy or have grammatical errors. Follow-up shows how much potential you have when you want to know how you are doing.

You want to be sure you are paying close attention to the instructions for any particular job that is assigned. Like, as sending a note to Juan, making a one-minute video and posting it on LinkedIn, or sending something with a subject line. To show your presence comment on the posts positively.

Good luck. There is so much opportunity. I would love to find some way to be able to create a million jobs, which is our mission.

Delighted to onboard everyone

And the people that come through our program, it is not just for us. It’s for all of us. So we want to create jobs together based on clear, fair instructions that anyone who can qualify.

Do you live in Pakistan? We have advice for you on how to make yourself more hirable to American agencies.

I recently sat down with my buddy Gavin Lira to chat about hiring VAs from Pakistan. He shared some great insight.

Starting his business from a young age, Gavin Lira always wanted to lead an innovative PR firm centered around client delight. The Empathy firm is the realization of this dream. Gavin has been featured in high profile publications like Forbes and has a TEDx talk forthcoming. He also runs a podcast that has interviewed great people like the founder of Make-A-Wish, Frank Shankwitz. The Empathy Firm continues to secure 5-star reviews, and Gavin is committed to building on the company’s success by elevating client experience through humanity-driven PR.


A lot of times it’s graphic design related. Or, and this is one that I don’t see talks about a lot, get contributor access to different publications, like Net News Ledger, Influencive, The American reporter, etc. 

If you put in the work to get a few good articles out there and you can get contributed access to these publications, you become very valuable for a PR firm. You can be seen as an asset, because that means now when you write stories, you can work the clients that we get into those stories as well, which is clearly better for our clients, which is something we’d be looking to do.


Getting contributor status is tough because you have to have a good network, and great English. You have to have love articles out. But, one thing that I like to do, and we have friends in Pakistan that work on our team that do this, is they’ll take videos of interview, like of me and Gavin, where he’s interviewing somebody, I’ve interviewed somebody, and help us turn them into articles. 

I’m a contributor on a lot of the sites that Gavin mentioned. If you can work on these articles, mainly these videos that we have, and that’s why I’ve been posting about things like Descript, then you could help us get these done and that’s easily worth $500, $1,000, $2,000 a month to be able to do stuff like this. 

Learn the skills with Descript and learn how to process these kinds of articles. The software’s free to use, and you can follow Gavin and me and you could see the content that we put out there. 


How can you take these different assets, pieces of content, a podcast, or whatever somebody is going on, and make that go further, too?

If you can make someone’s life better without taking more of their time, that’s going to be a good path to you having more success with what you’re doing. If you can take a podcast that someone’s already spent their time to go on and help them repurpose that without needing anything else from them, that’s will make you more employable.


You should be able to edit one of these podcasts within a day. And when you take that raw video, let’s say it’s an hour long, chop it into pieces, turn it into an article, post it on YouTube, create the little social snippets that go on Facebook and Instagram and the other sorts of social networks, and cut up 15 second snippets for TikTok, which we can turn into ads. If you can do that, you’re looking at $50 in one day. If you work 20 days in a month, that’s a $1,000. That’s pretty good income. 

And the beauty is all that training’s out there. If you follow us and see what we’re doing.

So in the group, what I don’t want you to do is to message me or reply back saying that you need a job. I want you to put in the effort to actually research these different tools. Look up what Gavin does. Look up what I’m doing. And show that you actually have these skills. Put in the effort to be proactive, learn these skills, and then post in the comments, showing something that you’ve done. And we’re going to hire a bunch of folks.

Rehan hit me up earlier this morning, talking about how he’s built his whole facility for a bunch of you guys to even live at, and spend six months living on the campus. What a fantastic opportunity! I’m going to come out and see you guys as well. We just have to arrange the logistics. 


The best way to get a job is to show don’t tell. So if you can make a piece of content, say it’s fro ma podcast Dennis was on, and you tag Dennis and you use Descript to repurpose everything – and you did a great job – then tag Dennis in the group. Say, Hey, you know, I absolutely would love to talk further about this. I made this piece would love to hear your feedback on it. Whatever it is, if it’s good, then now you have opened up the door for an interview to explore further or potentially even getting hired on the spot.


The best way to qualify is to look at the videos that Rohan and I have made and show that you can cut out different pieces using Descript. Just demonstrate that you can turn them into an article. You can pull out the different cut lists. If you don’t know what a cut list is, or the other things we’re talking about, do the research to look at what that is, and then think about how just doing that kind of project, even though you’re working for free to demonstrate you have the capability is a difference between where you are right now and making $500.


It’s about doing things differently, right? Everyone wants to go and get the interview and then they want to learn after they get the job; you gotta do things differently. If you want different results, you have to learn before. And then you have to show that in order to get that interview and end up landing that job that can take you to the next level of your life.


Looking forward to seeing the stuff you guys have! Let us know in the comments, holler “Gavin” if you watched all the way to the end.

We hope you found this video helpful and that we were able to provide valuable insights that would help you get hired by American companies.

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Today, it’s No Longer a Question of Whether you Should Hire a Virtual Assistant.

Rather, which VAs will you hire from what networks for what tasks you need done.

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Most of our VAs start at Level 1, but they don’t stop there.

It’s a restatement of #LDT in the 9 Triangles— that we must actually earn our level up, instead of believing we should “negotiate” for it.

We have had dozens of prospective VAs insist they should start at a higher level than they’ve demonstrated competence.

And each time, we explain why we cannot award prizes ahead of them earning it– a gold medal before they begin training, since they are certainly capable of it and the prize would motivate them.

The beauty of the leveling system is that it’s clear and fair.
Anyone can level up, so long as they are willing to learn and capable of completing the work.

Despite this, we’ll see people routinely come in and say they can run our entire company, when they’ve not demonstrated they can manage a team, nor demonstrate world class expertise in digital marketing– to be able to earn the respect of people who would be under them.

Struggling? Hire a VA to help

Struggling? Hire a VA to help

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