Little Details

It’s the little details that matter, which show through if you put in enough time to notice.

For example, on creating iPhone videos to market your business:

– You cannot switch from front to rear camera while filming with the camera. So you either have to use another app or manually flip the phone in your hand.

– You can reply with video in Gmail by hitting the attachment icon and then photos icon. Way more powerful than text replies.

– Sound quality is WAY more important than video quality to keep people watching your videos. If you have an iPhone and a regular lavalier mic, you need a TRS to TRRS adaptor (2 lines to 3 lines on the plug) and a TRRS to lighting adaptor. I use the Rode Wireless Go and have to buy these two gadgets, which don’t come in the box.

– You can comment on a Facebook post with a video, but you can’t do this on LinkedIn– only a picture.

– You have 15 seconds to reply in Facebook Messenger, so learn how to keep it short– or make multiple 15 second replies.

– You can share your phone screen if you’re a presenter in a Zoom call. And everything works great (just like if you’re projecting to Apple TV), except when you’re recording video– since the two interfere with each other. So pre-record your videos (stored in your favorite app) or switch to desktop webcam to show you using your phone.

– Google Photos app is super slow in uploading your videos from your photos library on your phone. So also pay for iCloud, Dropbox, and Amazon Photos (another $10 each per month) to have your videos automatically backed-up). You will have to keep these apps open every week to let it catch up, since uploads are faster when the app is open.

– Film vertically (portrait mode) most of the time if you’re reaching mobile users, but horizontal if an interview or in a webinar app.

– Zoom records participant video, but GoToWebinar does not. We had GoToMeeting/GoToWebinar for 10 years but switched because of this.

– Amazon Photos has the smartest facial recognition and easiest way to share groups of pictures (instead of having to select each picture/video, one-by-one) with your external people (like freelancers and partners).

The way to tell whether someone is an expert in something is not much they’ve spent on gear or how many years they say they’ve been doing it, but if they are deep in the nuances of their craft.

Would you agree?

300,000 likes in just 3 hours

Dylan Collins‘ post got 300,000 likes on TikTok in the first 3 hours.


Key takeaways:

It was on only 800,000 views, meaning that his 28% engagement rate is key to feeding the TikTok algo, which is more sensitive to engagement rates than any other social network.

Nathan Triska posted it (a larger account with 7 million followers), so getting others to talk about you is key.

This video is a reprisal of the original of 5 years ago, which got 30 million views. A “greatest hit” can continue to yield 100 times the original traffic if you “amplify” properly via influencers and go across multiple channels.

The ROI here is soft, even if you project that this remake will gain another 20 million views this week across TikTok, Twitter, IG, and other channels.

Sponsorships, private clients, and light ad revenue are the game here– not direct selling of products and services.


i cannot believe this happened

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What I wish I’d known.

If I was starting a digital or social media agency, these are the tips I wish I had known— they would have saved me years of headache.

Why is NOW the best time to start your digital agency + Most common mistakes

Dennis and I give you a behind the scenes look at SeniorScorecard and other local agencies. We go through the exact steps you need to be successful as a local agency.

Posted by Mark Wagner on Monday, January 20, 2020

I get a LOT of people asking me to run their Facebook ad campaigns

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How much should I charge for social media consulting?

The money discussion is an awkward one for most people, right?

Want to know how to charge more, while not being guilty of overcharging and under-delivering?

Hint: if you charge by time, you’re always selling yourself short, since you must keep putting in time to get paid.

And you’re seen as a “cost”, instead of a source of profit, for which businesses will find unlimited budget.

Sure, charge hourly or a retainer to get going. But move to a performance model, so you can be paid without needing to deal with daily client headaches to drive you nuts.

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