Perfect Audience Acquired by Marin Software and What It Really Means

The real story is that native retargeting via Facebook and Google kills their business as a stand-alone. And the bigger picture is that retargeting is not just an add-on to PPC, but revolutionizes how we all need to think about advertising.

It now means we must integrate marketing automation with our paid search. And thus, our content makers must own the mantle of amplifiers, since they know the target and are closest to the customer.

The casualties are agencies that have depended for so long on the traditional ad agency model: one and done, set and forget, “Super Bowl” campaigns, and media planning cycles. Might as well bring a rusty knife to a drone fight.

Smart Facebook Remarketing- use FBX or WCA?

I just did a search on to fly one of our new folks out here to Minneapolis.
Minutes later, on Facebook I get a retargeted ad with the fare I was just looking at.

This is something called dynamic retargeting, where you can show messages based on a rule– the product they just saw, how many pages on your site they visited, if they are a high value customer, or whatever.

If you’re e-commerce or have a LOT of product SKUs, then you need to use a 3rd party retargeting partner (through FBX– Facebook Exchange).
If you don’t need complex logic, then use native Facebook retargeting (called WCA– Website Custom Audiences), where you can still apply url-level rules.

Google has been doing this for years, so if you want the “full embrace”, you’d run with Facebook and Google retargeting together.
An AdRoll or Perfect Audience can do this for you via one-stop shopping, but if you’re a small biz or not super complex, you’re better off setting up retargeting directly.

And they’re still at it, but with a different variation.