How I Grew Gavin Lira From 12 Followers to 18,000 Using the Dollar a Day Strategy

Wondering how some people rise above the noise and get a high following on their social media accounts? Here’s how I grew Gavin Lira’s account from 12 followers to 18,000 using the Facebook for a Dollar a Day Strategy:

  1. I made posts honoring well-known friends, instead of talking about Gavin. These friends appreciated the compliment and would retweet my tweets to their audience.

2. I engaged in every comment thoughtfully to encourage conversation while the audience was growing.

3. I used the “Dollar a Day” strategy to boost posts that had performed well to get a multiplier effect.

In the last 28 days, 1.4 million people had seen Gavin’s tweets, but more importantly, over 100,000 people had clicked on his profile to check out the rest of the tweets. Of those, 7,500 decided to follow him.

You might say it’s like “throwing raw meat to the dogs,” which is partly true. Yes, I shared posts that received a lot of attention (for example, 1,000 likes on a post honoring freelancer friends in Pakistan), but if I didn’t also tie these posts to my expertise, my followers would be low-quality and random.

So I used high-engagement posts to break through the noise, allowing people to see that my expertise is worth looking at and listening to.

This is actually a relationship-building strategy called FGF— Find, Give, Friend.

And check out where Gavin is now!

If you haven’t leveraged the power of the “Dollar a Day” Strategy, here is a course on Facebook for a Dollar a Day that will get you up to speed!

You can’t please everyone, so don’t make the same mistake I did.

You can show you care in a couple sentences.

But don’t make the mistake I’ve made with one BlitzNation subscriber specifically, where I’ve given him hours of my time privately to help him build his brand.

He wanted me to join his podcast several times, then cancelled and no-showed, which is not good form.  

He didn’t follow through on the specific recommendations I gave him– which is key for anyone in our program, even if just courses, group coaching, or private one-on-one coaching.

We are teaching at intermediate to advanced levels– we don’t have much beginner level content.  

But if you present yourself as an industry pro who is teaching others about how to expand your brand via digital, I’d assume you’re not a beginner yourself.

We are not right for everyone.  We aren’t trying to please everyone— just the top folks in the industry to start, who in turn can then teach their communities.

I admire that our subscriber wants to be a big personal brand that teaches others how to grow their personal brand.  But he’s not at the level of a partner– he needs to be a specialist (learn how to do digital) or a business (client) first.

Watch for people who want to be partners, but need to start at specialists or businesses.

Think about their expectations and look at it from their point of view – as if they were actually a partner – to see the gap in expectations.

Relationships are like bank account balances.

Relationships are like bank account balances.

Every interaction is a deposit or withdrawal.

Sometimes a major screwup can make it go negative, resulting in overdraft fees.

The key is to make so many small positive investments that when you goof up, you’re still positive.

Most people have bank account balances that are just above zero, easily wiped out when the unexpected happens.

Or they are so transactional, they are living paycheck to paycheck.

Are you constantly making investments to build up long term relationships, so that there’s no chance you will ever bounce checks with the people that matter to you?

Worth your time.

The “crutch and leash” story is PURE GOLD from Roland Frasier.

Worth your 15 minutes to read the longest Facebook post I’ve ever seen– to identify and remove the things (especially people) that are holding you back.

I’ve held on to stuff that I shouldn’t have– because I cared about them too much, hoped they would improve, were afraid they would fail without me, and just as on-going bad habit….

And that has prevented me from taking on the amazing things with amazing people that are right in front of me.

I hope you can identify your crutch and leash, so you can stop doing the stuff you don’t want to do anymore.

The Crutch and the Leash What you hold onto often holds you back. The other day I was riding with some friends of…

Posted by Roland Frasier on Saturday, November 2, 2019

Invest in yourself and your relationships.

The algorithms are getting smarter, and so should you.

The algorithm recognizes the power of your friends and gives you credit for this.

Thus, your business success is increasingly based on your long-term friendships, not how smart you are.

You can hire workers who are skilled in any particular area, so can your clients.

Fly above the noise by choosing the right environments and right people.

I believe you will unlock unbelievable opportunities when you make the switch.

Tell me if you’ve been here before…

Rent is due and you don’t have the money. You’re stressed out since you’ve drained your bank account and maxed out your credit cards, hoping that the big “deal” is coming through.

Any day now, you promise others. But you’re conflicted inside since you can’t publicly say you’re on the brink of implosion.

So you grin and bear it, since nobody would hire you if they knew the truth.

You’re afraid others will expose you for being a fraud. But you make promises on stuff you know you can’t deliver, since you need the money.

In fact, you’d take on even random stuff or screw over others if it meant you could get some money today.

Because once you get past this emergency, it will all be smooth sailing from here on out.

But you know that’s not true— you’ve been here before.

And all those other times, it was someone else’s fault that the big “deal” didn’t come through. This time will be different, I swear!

I’ve been here many times and can tell you that the only way out of this mess is to immediately seek help from mentors— people who have achieved what you are trying to do.

Ignore the “successful” boasting you see on social media. Most are broke and pretending, talking about stuff they have no experience on.

The person who created the problem, you, isn’t the one who can solve it— because problems must be solved on a higher level than they were created.

Talk to a mentor who cares and can guide you out.

But that means you have to stop pretending and start being honest.

Then you will feel massive relief, since you won’t have to misrepresent how things are going.

And you’re not solely relying upon your limited knowledge, experience, and questionable ability to work 24×7.

If you want to go fast, go alone.
But if you want to go far, go together.

That ancient African proverb reminds me of how important it is to have a high quality, ethical team around you.

Are you building your team first or just hustling and hoping this next deal will be “the one”?