Positive Thinking Drives Your Beliefs, Actions, and Destiny

Wise men have told me about “The Secret,”… the idea that positive thinking drives your beliefs, actions, and destiny.

That what your heart desires is limited only by your beliefs.

And for decades, the engineer in me stubbornly clung to the safety of proof— repeatable science.

The woo-woo of manifestation sounded more like healing crystals and chakras than something I could rely on.

Darryl Isaacs told me how he gets the benefit of electricity without needing to understand how it works.

positive thinking
With Darryl Isaacs (to my left) and Gavin Lira

I look back with sadness at my life and see how many times I had massive opportunities placed in my lap, only to be rejected by me because I didn’t think it was possible or, more commonly, because I didn’t think I deserved such a good thing.

I scoffed at entrepreneurs who paid $50,000 to attend mastermind groups, mainly to up their “mindset”.

Now that I’ve tasted success, I realize I was the idiot all along.

++ Why hire only 20 people just for me when we can create a million jobs for all our friends?

++ Why believe I’m “too busy” to help a friend when doing so will pay me back 10 times that in ways I’d never imagined?

++ Why not give generously not because you want the attention but because it’s the right thing, which God will reward you handsomely later?

++ Why not drop the grudge against that jerk who screwed you over, not because you’re a saint, but for your own well-being?

++ Why not openly share everything you know how to do, even to direct competitors, since you know there is more for everyone?

++ Why not be willing to learn from everyone around you, especially young adults, since we don’t know everything?

My hope is that you realize and reap the rewards today of what has taken me a lifetime to finally be open to accepting.

Stop Chasing Technical Unicorns and Build Relationships

People who don’t know their stuff hide behind a mountain of technical details, equipment, and confusing jargon.

  • High-performing videos are not about how much fancy camera gear you have.
  • Profitable SEO is not about your technical voodoo and tools.
  • Killer PPC campaigns are not because of your esoteric wizardry in farming a million keyword log files or complex bidding and targeting.

I know only one way to generate results.

And I’ve used the same approach for 30 years– expertise and relationships.


Build relationships

With Kasim Aslam, filmed on an iPhone, one minute of Google Ads advice will beat any other pundit in a million-dollar video studio full of RED cameras.

One social media post by Darryl Isaacs talking about how the doctor said he’d never walk again will beat an army of social media consultants with the latest tools, peddling the latest algorithm changes.

Justen Martin on Zoom sharing how he sold 500 homes in a year in Colorado will beat an office full of engineers trying to build a new content management system to help drive new buyer leads.

With a single rusty five iron from Goodwill, Tiger Woods will easily beat me, even if I have a complete set of Titleist clubs.

It’s not the shoes like Mars Blackmon, but how well you play the game.

Whenever you feel bamboozled by technical mumbo-jumbo, hit the STOP button and look at the business strategy and stats.

How many leads and how much revenue are you driving– and is your team accountable to business metrics instead of chasing technical unicorns?

Some techno-consultant who shall remain nameless said ridiculous things, which inspired this post.

Can you guess what the #1 job is that young adults want to have, according to a recent poll?


Yes, to be paid just to be who they are– to have people extend them the red carpet and royal treatment everywhere, as if they lived in a Disney movie.

Pop the bubble and you risk teenage outrage– hey, nothing wrong with wanting nice things, going on luxury vacations, or getting someone famous on your podcast.

But wouldn’t it be so much better to do something that creates so much value that people talk about you and seek you out?

We’re all intrinsically worthy and special– so this is not about self-esteem. It’s about having a product or service that generates cash, which you can then fund your business and your lifestyle.

Because if you don’t have a business, then you’re relying upon charitable donations.

Develop a talent– it could be as simple as following clients around with a camera and pressing the red button at key moments.

I spent today with two billionaires doing just this– getting access to private boardroom meetings, because I have enough skill to press a red button and behave like an adult.

Rather than self-declare that you’re an INFLUENCER, redirect your efforts into your learning and your craft.

Because how many of the people who keep insisting they are honest, really are?

How many truly wealthy people go around saying they’re rich?

When was the last time you drove through a slum with signs for “drug-free, safe neighborhood” and believed those places were safer than the ones without such signs?

You can be an INFLUENCER. But if you have to say you’re one, well….

Why, How, What?

My friend, Connor Snyder crushed it with his loan officers with the WHY, HOW, WHAT strategy (click screenshot below).

They make one minute vertical videos answering these questions– then promote from their Facebook public figure pages.

Seems like magic or a “hack”– but then you realize that Facebook lead gen is really just personal selling– allowing people to know, like, and trust you.

But if you realize this, do you also have the RECIPE to make this happen repeatedly like Connor does?

Check this out.

If you want to dominate Google search on your name, your location, and other long-tail searches, you MUST check out this tip in how to manipulate wikidata for answer box and knowledge graph.

Take the first position and block out ads, too.

Watch this.