Dennis Yu

Dennis Yu | Digital Marketer, Speaker, Agency Builder

If you don’t quit, you win

If you don’t quit, you win

I’ve been analyzing the most successful people and how they win when most people fail.

You’d think the differentiating factor would be intelligence, luck, money, or connections.


The #1 factor is perseverance.

Great things take years to build— and that means being able to keep going through the inevitable ups and downs.

Having a great team will help you weather the storms.

Having money will give you more cushion when things are tight.

But perseverance is the main ingredient among the folks I know— to not let discouragement cause you to give up.

Because if you don’t quit, you win.

Send a clear message to yourself that you’re committed to achieving your goals.

Even if your history has been to give up early and to not have success.

You got this!

On motivation

Often, work seems mundane, so boring that we lose motivation.

But when you look beyond the task level details, which are easy enough to drudge through, you see the impact you are making in other people’s lives.

I don’t see the individual emails, ads to create, and random lists of things to do.

When I’m not motivated or feeling tired, it means I’ve lost sight of the bigger picture.

You might be okay with letting yourself down, but not your family and community that depend on you.