The Do’s and Don’ts of taking on a new job

Do's and Don'ts
The Do’s and Don’ts of taking on a new job

1) Become a highly-concerned observer

2) If your mouth is open, you are not learning 

3) Challenge your assumptions

4) Listen to your peers

5) Help your boss raise their status

6) Create a business plan for every assignment

7) Direct your availability up, down, and sideways

8) Be aware of others’ feelings and goals 

9) Know the names and responsibilities of your peers

10) Ask for help and show your appreciation

11) Do not try to impress others with your past 

12) Keep to your word

13) Become part of your team first before you become a leader

14) Arrive early and stay late.

27 years ago, the CEO of American Airlines gave me this. This will stay with me forever, and I am sure with my mission to provide jobs to a million Pakistanis this will come in very handy for them. 

What course should I take?

What course should I take?

We’re trying to help small businesses by training more folks to be able to help them move their business online. It starts with Learn. Do. Teach. The more we know the more we can share. I think we’ll see a crowd-sourcing of education. And what a great opportunity!

A lot of folks have been asking me for direction, so let me break down our course offerings.

All our courses are broken into 1-minute chunks. Why one-minute? That’s how much time you have.

For solopreneurs: start with Vendasta, how to start an agency.

  • Full of tons of great mini-exercises, like making videos,

For business owners, and especially local small business owners, chiro, plumber, etc., start with Social Amplification Engine.

  • Six phase process: plumbing, goals, content, targeting, amplification, optimization

You want to work ON your business not IN your business, or you’re the emotive, creative, relationship-driven type, start with personal branding.

  • Work on your WHY

All three will lead you to the same place, but you can choose where you begin, based on your skills and your situation. But begin by playing to your strengths.

If you’re trying to scale up, look at Checklist Architecture, optimization course, basecamp basics (the six threads on how we organize projects at scale)

Level 4 Project Manager Course; How do you project manage?

If you’re ready to scale, you can start using Learn. Do. Teach.

If you’re a successful business owner (doing more than $1 million/year), then look at the Nine Triangles Course. It’s a framework that will work best if you’re already doing quite well.

There are many ways in to all of our courses, but they all lead to the same framework: The 18 Module Architecture.

There’s a path for the specialists; digital markers, agency owners, stay at home moms. You’ll focus on Modules 7-12.

Modules 1-6 make up the Social Amplification Engine; good for business owners.

If you’re a partner, like Vendasta, GoDaddy, Instagram, there’s a path to train you.

No matter where you are on your journey, think about balancing learning, doing, and teaching.

Then, when you’re ready, and you’ve learned the skills, send your work over to me. We’ll work to get you hooked up in a market-place so you can begin helping others. Think of it like online dating, except for business.

As you share, you’ll get feedback, accoladates, from people like me.

Here’s a tip to get you started: find your lighthouse client. It will be easier to serve 50 businesses that are similar than it will be to serve 10 random, different businesses.

Let me know, what has been your favorite course?

What course did you start with?

What course did you find the most interesting?

How can we improve our courses?

Where have you been stuck?

Most of all, I want to see you succeed!

Hit me up.

And, do something for me, let’s start overcoming the of being on video – start replying to things in short videos! Be it your friends’ text messages, Facebook posts, Instagram messages, whatever.

Just jump in!

Check out all of our courses here.

I’m exhausted

I’ve been up past 4 am each day this past week, responding to people who really need help.

They lost their job, their business is shut down, they need money right now for rent, and they have kids to feed.

How many local businesses around you are struggling?

Want to help your local restaurant, chiropractor, real estate agent, or other business let people know they are still open– serving food curbside and handling customers via digital?

This Coronavirus pandemic is not going away in 27 days– there is no going back to “normal”.

We face a permanent shift to learning how to connect digitally, to market digitally, and to learn digitally– do you agree?

My buddy, Brendan King, created the Conquer Local program to help train up digital agencies to serve local businesses.

He’s footing the bill, since he’s a successful business owner doing his part in this crisis– so it’s totally free to you, even if you have no experience.

I’m honored to be one of the instructors in the program, which includes live weekly training calls for us to perform exercises together to start your digital marketing agency.

We will not only help you get everything going, but give you clients, too, once you’re qualified to serve them.

While people are quarantined at home, instead of watching more Netflix, they should be taking advantage of the time to learn Facebook ads, how to rank on local search results, how to get more reviews, how to generate more revenue from their existing customer base, how to create one minute videos, and so forth.

If you want to join this free program, I’d be honored to teach you– link in comments below.

If you are a world-class digital or local marketer and want to help out by training and mentoring these new agency owners, let me know.

If you’re a local business and you want help during this time, you could go through these same exercises yourself– link in comments below.

We need to create more jobs and help local businesses right now, do you agree?

The journey.

If all you see from someone is pictures from the top of mountain, applaud them.

But if you hear lessons from their journey along the way, follow them.

Decide if you’re more interested in what success looks like or whether you are willing to put in the hard work, behind the scenes to get you there.

When you see someone struggling, encourage them, since the journey is 10 times harder and will take 10 times longer than they think.

They will need all the support they can get— and that includes me.

Posted by Dennis Yu on Saturday, October 26, 2019

Over the last 25 years, I’ve seen a lot of people succeed and fail.

The #1 thing I notice beginners do, which experts don’t, is they focus on….

+ FANCY instead of the fundamentals. When we troubleshoot campaigns, 99% of the time, a bunch of fundamentals are missing. And it shouldn’t take an expert to notice what can be tracked via a checklist.

+ URGENCY instead of results. A fire drill is exciting and gives the semblance that things are happening. But don’t mistake commotion with progress.

+ APPEARANCES instead of progress. Are you focusing on how you look instead of getting the job done? If your perfect Instagram flex is ruined by getting dirt under your nails, you can still out-pretend the other fakers.

+ THEMSELVES instead of others. If you want to make a million dollars, solve a $100 million problem. When you lift up others and serve others, they can’t help but toot your horn, instead of you awkwardly tooting your own.

LEARNING all the time instead of trying to give advice on something you’ve never done yourself. The most successful people I know read 3+ hours a day and actively seek out other successful people.

Do you know someone who fits the description above of a successful person or a failure?

Be your own videographer

If you don’t have a friend who can follow you around to take video, here’s your solution to capturing b-roll footage for your personal and company brand.


Yes, that’s right. You have to be capturing these bits that give your videos context, for your video editing person to use in addition to whatever you might get from your live show, speaking engagement, or interview.

I use the Facebook Moments app to automatically categorize and share these with our video people.

So no need to mess around with uploading and labeling. Facebook automatically recognizes faces and locations.

You have to get scrappy when you don’t have a professional film crew and big budget.

That means you have to learn a little bit about good shooting techniques, even if you’re an amateur like me who doesn’t have much time and is intimidated by fancy equipment.

I do this all with an old iPhone, and so can you.