Facebook is so smart, they know where you are!

Facebook knows who your friends are, what you did last night, and what you might be doing a year from now.

And mobile gives them an opportunity to collect more data, to even passively listen in on your songs to make sharing easier.

They bought face.com a few years ago for the facial recognition technology, ostensibly to help you tag better.
Are you liking the suggestions they make in photos?

And this morning, I saw the recommendation above, when I was filming at Infusionsoft headquarters.

You can bet that Oculus VR will incorporate many of these features, creating a truly social experience.
Are you a Google Glass person, a Facebook glasses person, or an Apple watch person?

Regardless of which technology option you choose (or if you decide to abstain), from our perspective as advertisers, an amazing world of data is opening up for us to use.  Do you see what this means for us as marketers who have to refine our targeting, creative process, and marketing systems?

Are you ready?

Whoops, I forgot that you can’t promote a Google+ url on Facebook

The Infusionsoft and Blitz folks are doing a Google hangout tomorrow.
So naturally, we promoted it to fans of Blitz and Infusionsoft.

Well, we tried to.

I forgot that you can’t promote G+ on Facebook, in the same way that you can’t mention Facebook in your ad.

Ironically, you can promote your Facebook page in Google AdWords.

Go search for “Facebook advertising” or “Facebook marketing”.

Google has no problem accepting Facebook’s money. In fact, Facebook is in position #1 in the premium slots, while Google has #1 on the right-hand side.

We believe that Facebook and Google should work together.

How about you?


Infusionsoft sent 3,177,691,143 emails in 2012

It was almost a year ago when Clate Mask shared this stat.
3 years ago, they sent only 80 million emails, you do the math.

Last year, Infusionsoft had 13,543 customers and 48,365 users.
The company captured 40 million leads and processed $1.5 billion in revenue in e-commerce.

I’m excited to attend #ICON14 this spring to share our Facebook growth tips with the 5,000 attendees at the Phoenix Convention Center.  Our friends Mari Smith, Heather Dopson, Michael Hunter, Preston Smith, and many others will be there. Can’t wait!

What numbers do you think Infusionsoft has in store for 2013 and 2014?