Uzair Kharawala made a video a day for 4 years and here’s what happened

If you do a search on “learn Google Ads 2022”, you get get multiple videos on the first page.
All of them are from Uzair.

And we made a video together using my favorite video AI tool, which lets you edit video as easily as typing. But I messed up saving the file, so you’ll have to go search on his name for it.

If we did things right, searching on “Uzair Kharawala” will reveal this post!

How to Instantly Boost Your Google My Business (GMB)

The following is a guest post by Dr. David Touhill.

I just got out of a Clubhouse room with Dennis Yu, who’s a brilliant digital marketer. He’s one of my mentors. He is incredible.

I want to share a tip with you that you can do right now with your business, if you have a physical location on Google, that he taught me.

This tip can help you draw in new customers, get more views, and rank higher on Google.

Go to your Facebook and find the best reviews that you have. Then, take screenshots of them, upload them into your Google listing, and post them as pictures on your Google listing.

For example, here’s some killer Facebook reviews for The Specific Chiropractic – Lake Country:

All you need to do is take a screenshot and post those screenshots to your GMB profile.

Every other picture in your Google listing should be one of your awesome Facebook reviews. That’s just an easy, easy way to get more traction and more views on your Google listing.

We just posted photos of these amazing reviews, and they’re already getting views.

It’s also an easy way for your customers to know who you are and what you do, and develop authority.

Just think about it. When you’re going to look at a business to come to, you’re going to look at the Google reviews and look at the listings to help you. You swipe through the photos to know where you should go.

How powerful would it be if your consumers were looking through your Google listing and they saw these powerful reviews in your photos?

You can do that right now. It’s a simple way to improve your business, and a simple way for customers to know what you’re all about.

I love seeing our SEO getting cleaned up!

In this case, filing reports with Google to disavow spammy links that are hurting us.

When low quality websites link to us, that can hurt us, since Google thinks we’re buying garbage in attempt to manipulate search results.

They don’t know if it’s us buying, a SEO company who bought them, or a competitor trying to harm us.

So they assume we’re guilty until proven innocent when they see these spammy links.

Meaning we have to reach out to these sites to ask them to remove these links. And then file a proper disavow request to Google saying that these links aren’t ours– that we’d never attempt to cheat the system.

We can easily find toxic links through SEMRush’s Backlink Audit tool, which gives us a list of all the backlinks to our site – good and bad.

We also get their toxicity scores, which is a measure of how spammy these domains are.

We select all the domains with high toxicity scores, looking through them carefully.

Then, all we have to do is export this list into a .txt file – SEMRush makes it easy – and submit it to the Google Disavow Tool.

Google Lighthouse is a game changer for anyone with a website

Google Lighthouse is a game changer for anyone with a website

You probably are aware of Google’s Pagespeed Insights– a free tool that ranks how your website performs on mobile and desktop and provides suggestions.

And you might already be using the Developer Tools inside your Chrome browser to troubleshoot how particular elements of your website load in real-time.

Yes, I know our own website scores poorly– we have many things to fix!

Hey, but at least we got a 96 on SEO.

But did you know that there’s a tab called Lighthouse, which gives you scoring information on your site right there?
If you have Chrome on your desktop, you already have it, but might not have seen the option:

Click over to “Lighthouse” and you’ll see these handy stats right there:

We get 4 scores: performance, accessibility, SEO, and best practices. Each of these scores are broken down into components with links on how to address each problem:

I like to think of Google SEO tools as like Microsoft Office– there are so many features that we don’t even know exist!

Much of this Google webmaster stuff is technical. But as a business owner or marketing specialist, you’ll want to generally understand what Google thinks of your website so that you can hire someone to fix them.

The good news is that the main components of SEO do not require an engineering fix— simple WordPress plug-ins will get you most of the way there with on-site SEO factors, while you ability to produce content that gets exposure will drive your off-site SEO factors. In other words, Google is looking at whether people are talking about you to decide what searches you should rank for and how prominently.

I’d recommend running the Lighthouse report once a quarter on your website, whether you are a marketer, business owner, or agency.

If you’re an engineer or sophisticated agency owner, Google provides developer documentation on how you can run Google Lighthouse programmatically– to generate and share reports with team members.But for the rest of us, we are happy to use the web-based tools and browser plug-ins.

>>>>SAVE THIS<<<<<

Most of you don’t have Search Console activated in your Google Analytics.

As a result, you can’t see what people are searching for even if they don’t come to your website.

For example, look at Search Console query data, where we see that way more people are searching for “3×3 video grid” than anything else where we show up in search.

But if we sort by clicks, “blitzmetrics” and “dennis yu” drive the most traffic, since it’s a higher intent search (brand terms) and higher average position.

We can also look at the top content for our site (under “landing pages”, letting us know what we should write more about, what content to tweak (for higher position), and what isn’t working.

Let me know if you want our training on how to set up Search Console or have us do it for you.