How Tristan Parmley of The Lead Cure Tricked Me

BlitzMetrics is a digital marketing agency which partners with schools to train young adults. As the CEO, I’ve built this company exhaustively and I’ve been mentoring young individuals, assisting students to grow their expertise to manage social campaigns for enterprise clients like the Golden State Warriors, Nike, and Rosetta Stone, and helping them accomplish their dreams for over two decades now.

Tristan, a promising young adult who was installed as CEO, had helped build his network, had his debts. He is a hard worker and a highly intelligent individual. As a 20-something, he has the potential for a long career ahead of him if he stops digging a hole, can swallow his pride, and honor relationships. If the ethics of what he did doesn’t convince him, maybe the law will.

Tristan Parmley and I each own 47.5% of ChiroRevenue. Together we spent about a year building the team and our clientele, utilizing BlitzMetrics systems, income, and my own personal finances to subsidize the ChiroRevenue agency while our clientele was insufficient to cover expenses. Investing in marketing, systems, and people is normal for digital agencies.

Tristan didn’t think this through at all. Every client that we have is valuable to us. We’ve built a long-lasting business relationship with every one of our clients. He created a new company named “Lead Cure” (a rebranding of ChiroRevenue) and stole everything from ChiroRevenue so that he could pretend that he built it on his own. 

On Monday, April 12, 2021, Tristan has planned to absorb “ChiroRevenue” into Lead Cure, LLC and redistribute equity of Lead Cure, LLC with the following terms that I, Dennis Yu, and Tristan Parmley will each receive 20% equity.

On Monday, April 12, 2021, Tristan wanted to begin the week with these updates before transitioning to Lead Cure, LLC:

  • Initially, he wants me to build a Sales Team and eventually sell directly to the clients. As soon as foundation is set, I plan on rolling out the “Content Machine” and building our MRR quickly.
  • He also stated above that I will be serving for the role of CTO and will be providing some advice on current projects as well as new ones, while he will be in charge of Operations.

On Wednesday, Apr 21, 2021, Tristan was unable to translate to delivery because packages were sold last August and blamed me for it. He says that he inherited a mess that was caused by failure to deliver.

Tristan stated that once he got over $30,000 in MRR, he will not even roll out the Campaign Machine. And they should be onboarding clients.

New Submission from BlitzMetrics Partner

Re: Admin Changes ChiroRevenue -> Lead Cure

On Tue, Apr 13, 2021, this shows that the new team has already started receiving payments, which means that they are “officially hired” as the new starting team.

As stated below, they are ready to move client assets from ChiroRevenue to Lead Cure.

He is converting the ChiroRevenue, Youtube, and Facebook pages so that they don’t have to restart. They also plan to start with Youtube and Facebook for its long-form content teaching Marketing, Operations, and Sales LIVE.

“I’m happy to teach the Operations, but I’m not seasoned with brewing kool-aid from a ‘Marketing’ perspective to get people what they want and to do things on a whim– that’s where Dennis is a pro.”Tristan Parmley 

This is the one whom I mentored for years. Backstabbing me. He should know that there are consequences to these things. Time will tell.

On Tues, Apr 13, 2021, Tristan purposely excluded me from this. Not one of them is new– it’s 100% theft and transfer.

On Mon, Apr 12, 2021, Tristan has already assigned tasks to his new team using the project management tool Click Up.

It was in early February that Tristan hatched a plan to transfer clients out of our project management tool that only he has access to.

In April, he changed the name to Lead Cure and declared that he had a 7-figure agency and locked everyone out.

On Thu, Feb 4, 2021, Tristan said that he is not building a project management tool. He implied that they are just building the box that has some of these features and triggers.

On Tue, Feb 2, 2021, Tristan also stated that they would need to GET WAY from BaseCamp as quickly as possible.

On Monday, April 5th, without warning or discussion, decided to throw away our project management system, Basecamp, and switch to ClickUp. We’ve built significant processes here to tie together multiple tools. So a completely new system is too much, too fast, while being unavailable for the better part of a week.

Re: Team & Company Decisions

On Fri Apr 9, 2021, Tristan stated that BlitzMetrics and ChiroRevenue clients, deliverables, payroll, and teams are 100% separated. ChiroRevenue will sunset as mentioned. Rebranding as Lead Cure, LLC.

Finalizing the current content we have in the queues. Moving the final folders and tasks to Click Up. Upgraded our systems, team, and vision with the Black Diamond Club.

Have you seen….

— A public speaking coach who says umm all the time.
— A motivational speaker who has to pump themselves up every morning.
— A social media marketer who relies upon spamming for business.
— A dating coach who has insane relationship problems.
— A business coach who has never run a business before.

The coaching profession has absolutely exploded.

Now everyone is an author, speaker, and coach.

Take a weekend seminar and hire a ghost writer– that’s all it takes.

Then pay $500 to get yourself “featured” on Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur, and Huffington Post.

Pay $20 on Fiverr to get 5,000 followers each of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Pay $3,000 to get a blue check mark on Facebook and Twitter.

People want “instant authority”, and the influence peddlers are happy to fill the need.

Why put in the work to develop a real skill or a real business when you can be an “influencer” by checking the boxes above?

I speak at a few dozen conferences a year. So I can tell you that behind the scenes is a lot of fraud by well-intentioned people.

The time it takes to put together a solid presentation, coordinate logistics, travel all over the place, and so forth, means the time that used to be for hands-on execution disappears.

Dunning-Kruger is alive and well- and knowing what that is will change your life.

I’ve not put together a presentation in years.

Instead, I open a web browser and start sharing, going where the audience has questions.

And I’ve cut way back on travel, since the team needs me, my body needs me to treat it with respect, and I need to focus on priorities.

The concept of #LDT is Learn > Do > Teach.

In other words, teach only from your direct, demonstrable, step-by-step experience.

The flood of instant coaches will give way to mentors.

** Mentors share from experience and are motivated by love for their students.

** Fake coaches share vague aphorisms and are motivated by their self-promotion.

** Mentors have systems and clear processes to transparently guide people along the way.

** Fake coaches have speeches and videos that tease you, designed with escalating price tags.

** Mentors have successful students that are living proof of their mission and process.

** Fake coaches have pictures they took with famous people at events, where they stood in line to get their photo.

Next time you hear someone say they are an influencer, replace it with the word “famous”.

Then see how ridiculous this sounds by attempting to introduce yourself, with a straight face, to friends and colleagues as someone who is famous.

Let your students and customers do your promotion for you.

We screen all potential clients and specialists for their goals in what we call a 3×3 Goals Sheet.

Most get rejected because their focus is only on them, instead of service to others.

They want sales and Lamborghini’s (nothing wrong with having money, in itself), but not by creating even greater value to others.

We’ve turned down a lot of really bright, hard-working people because we know their own values will disqualify them later.

And we bring on the earnest, under-privileged unskilled folks who wouldn’t get hired elsewhere, when we see potential and cultural fit.

Your competitive advantage is your people, which stems from your culture.

So your culture is not some inspirational poster on the wall from HR, but something you actively share and live.

Because if you don’t, then you’ll attract the self-promoters in droves, unconsciously incompetent about the Dunning-Kruger that plagues them.

Expect this problem to continue to grow in the future.