Ardeshir Kohnouri of GoBeRewarded: did you know that fake reviews hurt you, not the client?

Ardeshir Kohnouri of GoBeRewarded: did you know that fake reviews hurt you, not the client?

This PPC manager at GoBeRewarded, lashed out a former client. The client was mad at having spend $12,500 with this agency, getting no sales, and being locked into a 12 month contract.

So he left this review:

But what he doesn’t know is that’s against the Google Terms of Service to leave a fake review. He’s not a customer and had zero involvement with Philippe Coudoux of Balanced Body Massage.

He probably thought, “If I leave a one star review on Google, Facebook, Yelp, and other places, I can hurt this former client.”

But anyone who does a Google search can see that this guy works for the agency that got fired:

Ardeshir is a Google Ads Manager by profession, so he certainly should understand how easy it is for anyone to Google him and see he’s attacked a client that the agency mistreated.

Anyone who was looking to hire a marketing agency in North San Diego will probably think twice after seeing this misplaced behavior of one of their employees.

Ardeshir, you’re hurting your boss, Aaron Gobidas, who is also the sales guy for your agency. Now he has to try to clean this up, in addition to fixing the original problem of too much selling and not enough delivery– which is how Philippe’s livelihood got destroyed in the first place at your hands.

Over the last 25 years, I’ve seen a lot of people succeed and fail.

The #1 thing I notice beginners do, which experts don’t, is they focus on….

+ FANCY instead of the fundamentals. When we troubleshoot campaigns, 99% of the time, a bunch of fundamentals are missing. And it shouldn’t take an expert to notice what can be tracked via a checklist.

+ URGENCY instead of results. A fire drill is exciting and gives the semblance that things are happening. But don’t mistake commotion with progress.

+ APPEARANCES instead of progress. Are you focusing on how you look instead of getting the job done? If your perfect Instagram flex is ruined by getting dirt under your nails, you can still out-pretend the other fakers.

+ THEMSELVES instead of others. If you want to make a million dollars, solve a $100 million problem. When you lift up others and serve others, they can’t help but toot your horn, instead of you awkwardly tooting your own.

LEARNING all the time instead of trying to give advice on something you’ve never done yourself. The most successful people I know read 3+ hours a day and actively seek out other successful people.

Do you know someone who fits the description above of a successful person or a failure?

I’ve seen a lifetime of people fail hard and succeed wildly

What’s the difference?


Because we all have ups and downs– don’t kid yourself about how “tough” you are.

Because you can’t know it all and avoid all problems– you need to be coachable and humble.

Because others will appear to be more successful and do so faster than you– cheer them on instead of harboring self-righteous jealousy.

Then when other people falter and when you falter– and yes, you will– your gratitude and coachability keep you afloat like a buoy in a storm ocean.