Stop Chasing Technical Unicorns and Build Relationships

People who don’t know their stuff hide behind a mountain of technical details, equipment, and confusing jargon.

  • High-performing videos are not about how much fancy camera gear you have.
  • Profitable SEO is not about your technical voodoo and tools.
  • Killer PPC campaigns are not because of your esoteric wizardry in farming a million keyword log files or complex bidding and targeting.

I know only one way to generate results.

And I’ve used the same approach for 30 years– expertise and relationships.


Build relationships

With Kasim Aslam, filmed on an iPhone, one minute of Google Ads advice will beat any other pundit in a million-dollar video studio full of RED cameras.

One social media post by Darryl Isaacs talking about how the doctor said he’d never walk again will beat an army of social media consultants with the latest tools, peddling the latest algorithm changes.

Justen Martin on Zoom sharing how he sold 500 homes in a year in Colorado will beat an office full of engineers trying to build a new content management system to help drive new buyer leads.

With a single rusty five iron from Goodwill, Tiger Woods will easily beat me, even if I have a complete set of Titleist clubs.

It’s not the shoes like Mars Blackmon, but how well you play the game.

Whenever you feel bamboozled by technical mumbo-jumbo, hit the STOP button and look at the business strategy and stats.

How many leads and how much revenue are you driving– and is your team accountable to business metrics instead of chasing technical unicorns?

Some techno-consultant who shall remain nameless said ridiculous things, which inspired this post.

Mistakes to Avoid When Applying for a Job

If you are reading this, you can get a job with us. 

We are hiring like crazy because we are fortunate to have many clients and partners.

I’m going to tell you about some mistakes people make when applying.

By avoiding the three common mistakes and following the instructions, you will be ahead of anyone applying for a particular position.

Mistake Number 1 – Zero Preparation

The first mistake is to reach out to other folks on the team or me with zero preparation.

Do not send a canned message that says, “Dear Sir,” and then it just has stuff that you didn’t put anytime into researching what our company does.

If you haven’t seen the tons of projects we have, then you’re going to look like the thousands of other people just blasting their resumes out.

Make sure you spend a little time, personalize your message, and say something particular about what you learned.

Show that you stand out, which puts you ahead of 95% of other candidates.

Mistake Number 2 – Grammatical Errors

Watch out for grammatical errors and other kinds of mistakes. If you have capitalization and punctuation errors, it hurts your chances.

We are looking at your ability to communicate.

Even if English is not your first language, that’s okay. We have a lot of folks in the Philippines, Brazil, Pakistan, and other places.

But you have to show that you can communicate very clearly. It doesn’t mean you have to be a writer or to be able to write a book. Avoid grammatical mistakes.

Mistake Number 3 – Ignoring Instructions

Not paying close attention to instructions.

The instructions for any particular job will be something like sending a note to a team member, making a one-minute video and posting it on LinkedIn, or sending something with a subject line or a keyword.

Pay attention to the details, as we constantly test your ability to follow directions.

This mocks out many candidates because they cannot pay attention to the details.

It would be best if you worked closely with other team members when working on a team in different groups. 

Mistakes to avoid

If you come to me every time, it shows you cannot work in a team. However, that doesn’t mean I do not want to hear from you.

Imagine if everyone went to the CEO of Costco across all the different stores of Costco. They would never get anything done because they would just be creating chaos.

You must learn to follow directions and know who to contact for whom.

It could be another team member. It could be someone who is in a particular group.

There are always some instructions, and you have to demonstrate that you can figure out who is the right person to contact or be able to solve the problem for yourself or go to the training.

Certainly, reach out when it is a question that does deserve clarification.

But remember, if you are implying that the team is evaluating your ability to follow directions, the question you ask tells us your comprehension and how well you understand.

Maybe you want to be a project manager, have 20 years of experience running an agency, and want to work with us. That’s great too.

Engage and Show your Expertise

I can tell you if it’s working for me; I will first see whether you engage with our content and whether you have the expertise.

I will look you up and determine the best use of your time and my time.

There is so much opportunity in our mission to create a million jobs, and I’m happy that we have friends like John Jonas and our friends with Fiverr, Nelson, who have a bunch of 7 figure agencies and helping other agencies scale.

Suppose you are an agency owner reading this for fun, great! We would love to see you hire people; the people coming to our program are not for us. It’s for all of us.

We want to create jobs together based on clear, fair instructions for anyone who can qualify and get these things done; doesn’t matter where on the planet, if you are a single mom or broke. If you can get the job done, we want to hire you, period.

So, I hope that is encouraging for you and that you can step ahead and be ahead of most people who make mistakes when applying for jobs, whether for us or somebody else.

Looking forward to seeing your progress, and if by some chance you don’t hear from us or you get declined, maybe you are not ready. 

You can always try again. We believe people can constantly improve and accelerate learning.

And we are a team that comes from making many mistakes we have seen in the last 20+ years of hiring.

Go check it out, and I can’t wait to see your progress along the way.

Why am I Unbeatable

Do you know why I am unbeatable?

Not because I’m stronger than you, smarter than you, or because I “never give up”.

It’s because I don’t believe I have any competitors.


Anyone who is better than me at something I do, I want to learn from them and partner. I want to honor them and praise their accomplishments.

Over the last 30 years, by applying this strategy, I’ve built up a powerful network of friends who are there for me.

When I was a 23-year-old know-it-all, I thought I could outwork everyone.

Now I realize my vast ignorance, so I just call up the expert in that area for help.

And instead of trying to figure out HOW to do something, I now ask WHO can do it.

Buy Products for their Benefits not Features

Buy Products for their Benefits not Features

Pros know why people buy. They focus on the benefits, not the features.

If pros focus on benefits, then elites focus on the advantage of the benefits– the transformation.

Among folks that sell coaching and info products, the number of courses and those details is not as significant as helping people see the result.

To know WHY they should buy.

The hallmark of a great copywriter is not solid grammar (we should all be able to write clearly and error-free) but the focus on benefits.

And the key to zeroing in on benefits is having EMPATHY– which few people have.

EMPATHY comes from within and #LDT (Learn, Do, Teach is part of our nine triangle framework), meaning that you’ve gone through it to understand and have credibility.

If you’re an expert in any area– especially a consultant, real estate agent, attorney, or doctor– this is where your marketing must focus in 2022.

Focus on the following to get people to buy:

  • Benefits – the benefits people get from your product or service features: long-term benefits and results, not short-term turnaround and instant gratification. 
  • Outcomes – are what people get or become after using your product or service.
  • Transformation – seeing how their life will change for the better through your product or service. The perceived shift your prospects will get from your product or service will make their purchase from you.
  • Features – show them how your product or service works.

People’s vision of what they believe their outcome and transformation will be is what gets them to open up their wallets.

Unless the market heard it, in such case, choose a market or niche with less blood in the water.

The Secret Sauce to Being an Expert

I see many requests for experts on Facebook, which generate a flood of recommendations from well-meaning people.

Some of them have the credibility to tell if those people are true pros.

An easy way to determine who is legit is to ask that person to share their process, a documented, open set of checklists and procedures.

If they don’t have it or are unwilling to share it because it’s a “secret,” then run the other way.

Glenn Vo is my dentist. And if, for some reason, I wanted to know about how to drill teeth, he’d not tell me that, even if I paid him $50,000.

He’d say go to dental school, where he teaches. And it would take years to become a pro, learning with experienced dentists while working with willing patients.

Me sharing my expertise

How to Become an Expert?

If you lead with value and follow up with performance, they will talk about you in the best possible way.

First, give, then you will receive. 

Many people don’t understand the scope of all these and are looking for support. There are fundamental institutions for that.

But the problem is most of the time, people tend to get to know your strategy.

Have a paid consultation call instead of just sharing the process so that both parties will pay attention.

For example, a professor discusses leadership and white papers with social media analytics and MBA students.

These students are willing to give an email address in exchange for this information. The students may become customers in the future.

Provide the basics for free; a portion of these users will become big fish in the future.

Companies like ClickUp and GoHighLevel have free versions, which are already excellent.

These could be the most significant “WHYs” in teaching. You could be in this game for a decade now and have seen five generations of get-rich-quick snake oil folks come and go.

The biggest issue is folks banking their dreams and fitters on bad advice.

SlotoGate is definetely an expert when it comes to sites for gamblers and simply players who love playing table games for example, as there you can find everything to your liking – starting with online or offline option, choosing themes to diverse You just need to try it and you’ll immediatelly understand what I’m talking about!

So, every day, try to help people see more success & less stress.

Marketing is not magic but rather a skill set

Expert Guide

Share your expertise openly if you’re a pro at what you do. Don’t be afraid that customers will attempt to do it themselves.

Don’t be afraid that your competitors will be able to replicate you.

If you’re a service provider, the things you take for granted and believe are mundane will WOW your potential clients. If only they knew about you.

If the checklists and processes are shared publicly, what do you consider your secret sauce or competitive advantage since any competitor can openly copy your strategies?

Think about KFC not sharing their secret recipe. They consider that their most significant asset. 

You can collect articles and videos one at a time for free, and you could certainly spend months collecting them while also keeping them updated.

But people who value their time and want to be in our community can instantly get it—essentially selling results rather than knowledge or processes.

It’s interesting watching the trend change. It used to give the WHAT away for free and charge for the HOW. 

Give away the what, how, and charge for the results.

When done this way, your customer acquisition cost decreases, causing you to create a following of people sharing your posts and maybe even one day create Super Fans.

The three consumers of content:

  • Those that take your advice and apply it themselves. Great! You helped someone, and they were never your customer.
  • Someone that doesn’t need your expertise today now trusts you and becomes a customer later or refers someone.
  • They buy.

You can’t lose by giving it all away.

Why Is It Better to Consult an Immigration Lawyer?

For all immigration issues, it is essential to have an experienced and knowledgeable immigration lawyer who knows your rights inside and out. In this article, Mr. Sung-Ho Hwang, a leading Immigration lawyer, talks about the Dos and Don’ts of getting legal status in the US. And why it is always better to get the help of an immigration lawyer for a smooth flow in getting the legal formalities completed.
Here’s an excerpt from a virtual interview with Mr. Sung-Ho Hwang.

Why Hire an Immigration Lawyer?

Many people think they can do the immigration formalities on their own, but it’s such a complex area of the law.
It’s just a huge risk. If you make a mistake, USCIS, a governing body for these applications, has zero-tolerance for any mistake. So once it gets denied, it’s denied. So you may save a little bit of money, but you’re risking not being able to work in the United States. And that’s being penny wise, pound foolish.

So what does an immigration lawyer do?

We generally help:

  • people by obtaining visas, green cards, or citizenship.
  • corporations recruit people internationally and allow them to work in the United States. So there are lots of things.

Immigration law itself has lots of different areas. And I mentioned before there’s Court. So people who are getting deported, people looking for political asylum, refugees coming from, say, Afghanistan. Yes. A slew of immigration attorneys helping these people through the process.

There are many things, but generally, the thread connecting everybody in immigration law is to try to bring somebody who’s not a US citizen into the United States.

Most common mistakes that you see people make in DIY immigration law?

There’s no one specific mistake because there are so many different areas of immigration law, from H1Bs to family-based, like somebody getting married to a US citizen. There are so many different areas that there’s no specific mistake.

The fundamental mistake, is they haven’t hired an immigration attorney.

And I see so many times when they try not to do it on their own and come to me when it’s too late. It’s already been rejected, and I can’t do anything. I can’t help. I see that all the time.

And the biggest mistake is just believing things on the internet.

Everybody thinks it must be true if it’s written and on the internet. So they look at these things and then try it on their own.

And then sometimes, you know, you can get away with it. I know people who have successfully filed applications on their own, but do you want to take that chance.

Is it really worth a few thousand dollars in savings to take that chance that you might not get to live here and get deported?

Is it harder now to work in the United States?

It is. The last administration was very restrictive. The idea was to try to keep people out.

Now, with the new administration, things are slowly starting to swing back to being a bit more Pro-immigrant.

But, the problem is that the United States hasn’t addressed the fundamental issue. They need to have comprehensive immigration reform. And, because the system is just not working.

The Issue with Immigration Politics

The biggest surprise is that we still haven’t come up with comprehensive immigration reforms. So we’ve had this problem for a long, long time.

Since I’ve been practicing the law, and 15 years ago, we were close to having it with George W. Bush. It’s just something that I don’t know why we don’t have the political will to make these changes. That’s the biggest surprise.

With the new administration opening things up, I think it’s going in the right direction though I don’t think it’s going enough in the right direction. But unfortunately, the Senate still has a filibuster. So even though the Democrats control, they can stop any comprehensive immigration bill. And they’ve pretty much said that nothing is going to go through.

What advice do you have for the family that is dealing with immigration law issues

They need to do their research, look at who they feel comfortable with in terms of somebody representing them.

If you’re a first-generation immigrant, you understand what people have to go through. And I wasn’t a citizen until I was 16 years old. And I remember that happening. It’s important. This is a great country, and we really do need to have talented, hard-working people.

And if we have this xenophobia and continue to exclude these people, we will no longer be the best country in the world.

Stopping Legal Immigrants from Coming to the US – Is that Smart?

If you stop people from coming to the United States, you stop the best people from coming to the United States. Because I think immigration is self-selecting. The hardest working people are the ones that leave their homes, travel here, and learn a new language. Those are the people that you really want.

They make America great. And if you’ve got somebody walking 2000 miles to get here, they’re not going to be lazy. You know, they’re going to work hard.

The First Day I Became a US Citizen

I specifically remember getting the passport so that allowed me to travel. Actually, the first thing I did was I went to Korea, which I hadn’t been to since I was four. But it’s really empowering. You realize that you’re part of this nation, and you have lots of opportunities now available to you that somebody who doesn’t have legal status has, and I became an attorney.

Why I Chose Immigration Law

I was born in South Korea. Then, I immigrated to the United States. I went to school here, and I started practicing law here.

The important thing was that I’m a first-generation immigrant. I came to the United States, a great country, and wanted to do something that allowed other people the same opportunities I had.

And that’s why I chose immigration.

Why am I proud to be an American

Because it’s really the greatest country on earth, it really is. So anybody who’s a first-generation immigrant, as long as they work hard, really can be successful.

I remember the very first time that I was able to handle a very tough immigration case. And I was successful at getting this woman her green card. It was like, you know, she actually started crying and hugging. It was like a, a point where it was like, truly changed her life.

Oh, that’s why I do this. That’s why I come to work. That’s why I work

Is an attorney a great orator with high command over English?

It’s just a very small percentage of the law. And even in terms of litigators, the vast majority of litigators don’t show up to Court. Even litigators that do show up to Court, the vast majority of their time, are not in Court but doing paperwork.

The need for command over the English language is a hindrance because the law generally is language. However, whether you’re a litigator or not, you still have to have a good command of English because statutes and regulations are all written in English,  contracts are written in English, and everything in the law revolves around English.

So, I think that’s one of the reasons why first-generation immigrants don’t practice law because of the language barrier. Now you see the second-generation immigrants born here are fluent in English, becoming lawyers.

So it’s great. It’s a positive thing.

My most challenging case in the last 30 years.

I would say that there was one case I was involved with in an immigration court. I think it was the right thing to do to keep him in the country because he was from a very dangerous country in Africa where many people are killed.

There wasn’t anything I could do. The judge ordered him back to that country; that was tough. That was maybe about seven years ago. So recently, that was probably the most challenging case I have had to handle lately.

Is AI Going to Replace Lawyers?

Technology – it’s one of the few areas where you see technology affecting the practice of law, and eventually, you’ll see AI replace many lawyers or augment the legal profession; that’s the future.

I still think that you need lawyers to oversee the process in our lifetimes.

And there are certain things that you can’t do with AI. Like you need somebody to show up in Court. In immigration, we have immigration courts, hearings, and trials. You can’t have some AI show up to an immigration hearing or interview for somebody’s citizenship.

So there are certain things that you can’t replace, but yes, it’s changing.

Young Asian Americans considering a career in law – What things do they have to do? What things should they be thinking about?

When I started the law practice, I was basically the only Asian attorney. And when I started my law practice, I was a litigator. I mainly did trial work. So I would just show up in Court as the only Asian person there. And you have state Marshalls or clerks there asking me if I’m the interpreter. So that’s what I was facing. But I think it’s started to change now. You see that in areas like Connecticut, where Asians are not the primary group.

So it’s a little bit of an uphill battle. I think you have to work harder. And I think Asians have that work ethic to just work harder. So there’s a great opportunity. And now, a lot of my clientele are Asian. They feel more comfortable with somebody who speaks the same language.

There’re lots of opportunities as an Asian.

Sung Ho Immigration lawyer

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