Partnering with Ultra-Successful People

Partnering with Ultra-Successful People

Want to know what it’s like to hang around the most successful lawyers on the planet?

Do you know the productivity tip for successful people?

Remarkably similar to high-performance individuals in other walks of life, with principles and strategies.

On the surface, these lawyers are expert litigators and have sophisticated techniques to win against the insurance companies, whether through settlement or a jury trial.

But underneath, you see humans that have learned how to systematize their principles for businesses and build partnerships— to be CEOs that don’t file claims, talk to clients, write checks or go to court unless they have to.

They are stewards of people– since, ultimately, it’s a people game.

No matter what you do, you’re in the people business, so these principles apply.

Mike Morse did $160 million this year in creating a “fireproof” law firm. And he has applied principles to give him time freedom, so he never misses his kids’ games or things in life we want to savor.

Jesse Itzler sold his private jet company for billions to Warren Buffett and is married to the billionaire founder of Spanx. And he plans his entire year out in advance, blocking time for adventure, new experiences, and date night.

Put in the big rocks first; else, the pebbles and sand fill up your jar– leaving no room for the big stones later.

I witnessed tender moments with Ali Awad, his wife, his brother, and his father– a close-knit family that spends time together. And I felt welcomed, like part of the family.

It struck me more than the powerful opening keynote Ali gave how he scaled his law firm to 8 figures via social media. I admire the CEO Lawyer more for how he treats people than for his ability to convince billionaires to speak on his stage.

I’m also grateful for Mark Lack, who taught our private group while I was on stage, which happened to be during our weekly Office Hours call.

Mark shared his techniques for partnering with ultra-successful people– and I noticed how Mark and Ali have a massive overlap in their circle of friends.

And that’s not a coincidence, since many of the attendees I met, even though I’ve never met them before– feel like long-time friends because we have so many friends in common.

I wasn’t expecting to do any deals– my focus was on teaching the dollar-a-day strategy.

So even the not-so-young adults would be comfortable making one-minute selfie videos and boosting them on TikTok and Facebook.

I gave away all our training for free, as this felt like the right place– so these CEO lawyers could build a Content Factory using our processes and hire VAs for $5 an hour to edit videos.

And doing so yielded some new partnerships, where ads and analytics support from us (not as a traditional agency) will create massive growth for these firms while advancing our mission to create a million jobs to implement these techniques.

There is always another level up that you haven’t seen if you are willing to humble yourself– and these folks have such an abundance mindset that they openly share and decisively take action.

If you haven’t been to a high-end event like this, you don’t know what you’re missing.

What to do when your Facebook post goes viral

What to do when your Facebook post goes viral

What to do when your Facebook post goes viral

57 minutes ago, I wrote a Facebook post about the pain of my entrepreneurial journey. And now it’s at nearly 200 likes with a ton of comments.

On the right side you can see the notifications:

Here’s the secret– like and comment back on everyone who comments.

Because this drives notifications not only for the commenter, but pulls in their friends, who then want to see what their friend said, then engaging themselves.

Facebook looks at your engagement rate in the first 5 minutes, especially, to decide whether to show it to a broader audience. So if you can really get it going, your post can go 10 times farther than not engaging in the comments.

Take it to the next level by repurposing it to LinkedIn and your blog.  

Here’s what it looks like on LinkedIn– only 32 likes and 6 comments:

Notice how LinkedIn shows you impressions on profile posts, while Facebook does not.

But LinkedIn posts can continue to build engagement for up to a week, instead of just a day on Facebook.  And I’ve found the potential on LinkedIn to be higher than Facebook, since there are wider swings.  I have had LinkedIn posts go to 2 million organic reach with tens of thousands of comments using the “broetry” technique of one sentence paragraphs.

Especially if you are posting business, sales, marketing, or career-related content that has an uplifting angle.

Bottom line, when you go viral in one channel, consider how you can repurpose it to other channels.  More details in the Content Factory, which is your process to repurpose.  Learn the steps yourself or have a virtual assistant do it for you.