Question for you guys

Question for you guys

These past few months have been wild! If you had asked me on March 1st how I would cope with being on lockdown, I would have laughed in your face.

And yet, here we are.

We’ve had some time to process, reflect, and hopefully begin emerging on the other side of this crisis, so I thought I’d crowdsource our new collective knowledge.

The response was overwhelming! I’ve posted the most creative and thoughtful replies here. Please add to the list! Hit me up in the comments.

How do you not get stressed out being on lockdown?

I think the answer here is that there is no one answer. If it feels good, and it doesn’t hurt anyone else, then embrace it. We’ll get through this, #TogetherApart .

I want to read your comments! What are you doing to get through this crazy time?

I’m exhausted

I’ve been up past 4 am each day this past week, responding to people who really need help.

They lost their job, their business is shut down, they need money right now for rent, and they have kids to feed.

How many local businesses around you are struggling?

Want to help your local restaurant, chiropractor, real estate agent, or other business let people know they are still open– serving food curbside and handling customers via digital?

This Coronavirus pandemic is not going away in 27 days– there is no going back to “normal”.

We face a permanent shift to learning how to connect digitally, to market digitally, and to learn digitally– do you agree?

My buddy, Brendan King, created the Conquer Local program to help train up digital agencies to serve local businesses.

He’s footing the bill, since he’s a successful business owner doing his part in this crisis– so it’s totally free to you, even if you have no experience.

I’m honored to be one of the instructors in the program, which includes live weekly training calls for us to perform exercises together to start your digital marketing agency.

We will not only help you get everything going, but give you clients, too, once you’re qualified to serve them.

While people are quarantined at home, instead of watching more Netflix, they should be taking advantage of the time to learn Facebook ads, how to rank on local search results, how to get more reviews, how to generate more revenue from their existing customer base, how to create one minute videos, and so forth.

If you want to join this free program, I’d be honored to teach you– link in comments below.

If you are a world-class digital or local marketer and want to help out by training and mentoring these new agency owners, let me know.

If you’re a local business and you want help during this time, you could go through these same exercises yourself– link in comments below.

We need to create more jobs and help local businesses right now, do you agree?

A lot of you have been reaching out for training, support, and jobs.

The Course Catalog shows the price of the course. You don’t have to pay. Tell us which course you want and our team will unlock it for you, free.

Yes, we are hiring– but instead of sending your resume, show you’re qualified by earning the badge at the end of the course and having completed the exercises. We hire from that pool.

Same is true for agencies– we will match you with clients who want implementation help. After looking at the courses, they may wish to get help, instead of doing it themselves.

Instead of messaging me privately for your support question, please use our Facebook group– so that we can learn together. Odds are, someone else has asked your question already.

We’re migrating to a new website and learning management system, so the old stuff isn’t working quite right. Be patient and we’ll give all of you logins to watch videos, run reports, etc…

I’m happy to be on your podcast– let me know your topic, your process, and your audience. Send it to

Yes, you can hire me or hire our team for consulting, ad tuning, etc. The courses are free, but services are not.

There are so many good people who need help with getting more clients and more customers– let’s bring everyone together!

I booked a dozen flights on Southwest Airlines, all over the country.

But before you call me crazy, let me explain….

Flights right now are super cheap AND the airlines let you change them with no penalty.

So think of this like a pre-paid discount voucher you can use later.

Make sure you don’t book flights that are in transit at the same time, since airline systems will auto-cancel those.

Book only one-way flights, not round-trips, so you have flexibility. If you touch a round-trip, it changes the entire reservation. If you do want to go round-trip, do two one-ways.

Make sure you track these flights so they don’t expire on you. Southwest and other airlines changed their policy to where you forfeit funds– used to be that you got the money back in your account.

If you book with points on Southwest, your points go back automatically if you happen to miss the flight.

Right now, choose the cheapest flights (even if at weird times or long connections), since you’ll be able to change them later.

Hope that saves you some money– plus helps the airlines out with a little cash when they’re hurting!

By the way, I don’t think the US airlines will go true bankruptcy (Chapter 13 instead of Chapter 7), so I believe our funds are safe.

What do you think?