How to delegate without screwing it up

How to delegate without screwing it up

Managers and entrepreneurs FAIL on projects because they don’t know how to delegate.

Tristan Parmley and I discuss the fundamentals of management from our experience running teams large and small in the new Digital CEO podcast.

Managing the execution of digital marketing is increasingly harder because the tools are more complex, the speed is faster, and there are more things to do– and you still need to manage people effectively.

We cover the most common pain points we’ve witnessed and how to solve them.

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What percent of the time are you REACTING to things versus INITIATING them?

If you believe you’re a leader, at least 50% of your time should be initiating.

If not, is it because you’re too “busy”?

That means you’re not using your time effectively, not delegating, or are an employee fooling yourself that you’re a leader.

If you find yourself exhausted or running out of time each day, start cutting activities and delegating, so you can focus on your priorities.

Use our principle called #DDD (do, delegate, delete) to manage your time and #CID (communicate, iterate, delegate) to run your teams. These are 2 of our 9 principles in our framework of business called the 9 Triangles at

You should have at least 50% of your time free to think, plan, and initiate activities if you want to achieve your big goals.