How To Get Revenge On Your Haters (5 Things)

I want to talk about dealing with haters. And this is something that I think is a touchy topic. As human beings, we all experience these unpleasantries one way or another. And, sometimes it is our own fault which causes these unpleasantries in life.

We make mistakes. That is part of being human. It’s how we cope and deal with it that makes us different from other species on this planet.

Check Out These 5 Things


Our mind and body are connected with each other. Remember, when you get angry at something, your body reacts because of the stress. Once you set your path to be a vengeful person, the mind can come up with great but terrible ideas that not only will get you into trouble but also the people around you.

Instead of doing something unpleasant which we know can take up all your energy, time, and money, divert that creativity and make a profit out of it. You can even learn how to grow an audience from your haters and supporters alike.

  1. Troll Them Back With Humor

Imagine that you’re in the backyard and your neighbor suddenly comes up to you and says, “I swear I didn’t touch your lawnmower”. And you are looking at them with total confusion, and then you replied, “What are you talking about? I thought I was the one who was stealing your newspapers.

Since they’ve already done something and now they are attacking you for it because no one wants to feel that they’re a bad person.

Using humor is a good way to diffuse potentially violent confrontations. But going overboard by being sarcastic can be offensive to others when they misunderstood what you are trying to convey. Use it wisely and sparingly. Unless you’re a stand-up comedian or witty enough to make your haters laugh and adore you.

  1. You Don’t Need To Put Others Down

When people do atrocious things– no one wants to say, “I’m unethical. I’m a thief. I stole all your stuff. I stole all the equipment in your video studio. I’m a bad person, but I got away with it.” (Said, no one EVER). They’re not going to say that. 

But it’s totally okay for them to take the equipment because they thought that by reducing you down to a less than a human then it will just be alright to take stuff from you. By the way, this happened to me in my own company. Worst of all it was my personally appointed CEO who did these atrocious things.

In spite of all the things that they throw at me. I still sleep heavily at night. Snoring loudly as ever. Compare that to a person who plots and schemes his way through life.

  1. Shower Them With Kindness

Instead of fighting fire with fire, you can try roasting marshmallows and sharing them. Buy them something nice. Nobody can resist free things.

This is something my pastor told me years ago, his name is Byron McDonald. He was the senior pastor at Rolling Hills Covenant Church. And he said that when people attack for no apparent reason, you look beyond the aggression and you will see that they’re in pain.

Look at someone for example, who has an injury, right? Maybe they’re debilitated and sitting in a wheelchair and missing out on things, then you look at them and you’re not going to get mad. Pitying them is out of the question. You have to understand that just because someone has an emotional injury, it’s every bit real as a physical injury.

  1. Be Firm With Your Convictions

A hater is someone who looks at you with disdain and they don’t even know why.

When you do things that make you happy, your haters are there to remind you that they aren’t. Dragging you down, hoping that in their mind you will be the same as them.

A mediocre.

So, don’t throw in the towel just yet. Think about the reason why you started with that crazy idea which put you in the online marketing business, video game streaming industry, food business, healthy lifestyle choices, which by the way is harder than it looks. On the other hand, it is easier for critics to say harsh words when they don’t have any idea how things work.

Just remember that with every resistance that you encounter, there is always support when you’re too overwhelmed and helpless.

How To Show Your Team That You Care

When a team member asks for something, you deliver! From his daily status report this morning: 

It’s cold and gloomy here today in Greenville, South Carolina (view from my hotel): 

 I saw this and went to Amazon Prime, finding same-day delivery for free on this item: 

 And I get a free gift note, so why not? 

 I also choose the gift bag option if the recipient is a female or if the gift is over $100. 

Are you honoring and showing gratitude to your employees by sending them little gifts? 

Believe me, when I say this, it’s not the $12, but the thought that counts. 

And it’s a thought that they will remember. 

I don’t know if you send your team small gifts or not, but it’s an action that shows that you care about them. 

From doing so, you might just find a boost in their productivity and morale. 

When was the last time someone sent you a physical gift in the mail (Not including holidays or birthdays)? 

When was the last time you have done this? 

Regardless, check out our Thank You Machine Training to learn how to be a pro gift giver– to delight your team members, improve their productivity, and grow your business.

Who is more loyal? You, or a hunting dog?

I was asked a question by a good friend a week ago after we had someone quit unexpectedly in the middle of a project because of “a better offer”:

“What happens when you show puppies a bowl overflowing with delicious meat?”

All the puppies I’ve ever seen will rip across the room, knocking over things, and gobble it all up without a care. And when it’s all gone, they’ll whine for more.

He told me a story that really resonated with me, that we think of dogs as impulsive and self-serving.

But it’s not a matter of it being “nature of the beast”, but lack of proper training, discipline, and socialization.

He raised AKC hunting dogs with his parents on a small farm, training them from a very young age.

They started with simple socialization– How did they act in groups– did they play nicely, or snap at others? Could they share a meal or would they greedily horde?

The next criteria- could they listen? Were they smart enough to learn the nuanced commands they required for complex movements and an understanding that they were part of a larger pack, and that they were being relied upon?

Then they were moved into competency tests– this meant gun training- which is performing maneuvers and responding to calls while a trainer fired blanks near them.

This is very scary to a young puppy, but important, as it shows their ability to continue moving and performing tasks even under duress. If they get scared, or worse- freak out, it could spell disaster.

This often took a long time, as instinct to fend for one’s self is strong when things are scary and hard.

And he made it clear that this sort of training isn’t meant to have them rely solely on you– that you have to issue commands to get them to move, even if it is terrifying or hard to complete.

These kinds of dogs are set free at the beginning of a hunt– they were runners, sent out to find and drive game back towards the hunters.

They were not meant to be micromanaged- but trained to report back when they found something (via barks, howls, bays, etc.) and then execute on issued commands.

Hunters rely on their pack to see them as equals- a part of their team, rather than darting off and greedily taking the kill while showing teeth and biting everything that gets near.

The last is important. It’s VERY dangerous to tolerate anything other than loyalty, since this could disrupt a hunt if they chased game when not commanded to, disobeyed a clear command, or abandoned the pack.

The final test for these puppies’ loyalty was the food test. Bring them all inside after a long day of training in front of a mountain of delicious meat. The test is- do they look up to you for acceptance? Do they stay in place until given a command?

If they didn’t and went for it immediately, they failed.

VERY FEW puppies earned their brass tags, which showed that they were now well-trained hunting dogs. This took many steps, and many check-ins to assess their progress, but it was a proven process and when followed, produced world-class hunters, similar to what we do with our own training processes.

You know what they did to puppies who didn’t listen?

No no, they didn’t KILL them, but if they continued to show that they were not team players- able to hunt in a pack, follow instructions, and have discipline, they were kicked out of training, and if they were sociable, given to a nice loving family- to be a nice lay-around family dog– stuck in the house all day, eating kibble for dinner every night.

The lesson here is that even hungry dogs who are loyal, understand that things extend beyond just them and to their group that relies on them- to share, and be equitable, but also remain disciplined. There’s plenty of food to go around.

Now apply all of this to yourself. This isn’t equating you to being a loyal lap dog who blindly follows orders- it’s asking you to think of yourself as a team player, to think of others, and not greedily break off to gobble up as much food as you can.

Replace food with cash, and then think about how you would feel being that puppy who’s beside the one that darts out to snatch it all up?

No one wants to be around those types– unless they enjoy being bitten.

I don’t, which is why I only surround myself with loyal, committed people.

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Avoid running with slobbering mutts who will ditch you for one good meal, and ensure you associate with only the loyal runners.

My predictions for the world after COVID-19, 2021, and what lies beyond.

Back in August of 2020 during the pandemic, I had a nice chat with Mark Wagner about our predictions for the next few years.

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Mark and I hiked Camelback in 2019.

We’re going to check back eventually to see what comes to pass, and you may find that many are true. A few of them already have.

And in hindsight, you may think this is obvious right now.

The world is basically shut down because there’s COVID-19, and there’s not a readily-available vaccine, but there will be one by summer 2021.

But until then, people have to wear masks and can’t get together in large crowded places. The government will keep giving out stimulus checks because that’s the way to keep the economy from defaulting.

The U.S. government will continue to print money, creating inflation because there’s no way to tax more.

This is because economic output hasn’t increased and austerity is not possible, which is spending less. Those are the three ways of helping out in this situation:

  • Printing money
  • Reduced Austerity
  • Taxing

Printing money happens to every empire. This is the last stage of the American empire before the Chinese empire, which has been on the upswing, takes over.

If you look at Ray Dalio’s predictions, he’s the guy who started the world’s largest hedge fund. He’s looked at eight trends- measures of power, and China is now ahead of us in most of them such as education, financial, natural resources, etc.

And when this vaccine comes out, you’re going to have to get it.

Otherwise you can’t go into places like malls, movie theaters, shopping centers, concerts, and sporting events.

You’ll be tracked via ID if you have the vaccine, which is just a little microchip into your forehead or your neck smaller than a grain of rice, just like a pet ID.

If you don’t do this, you can’t access public places. They’ll say it’s your choice- but look at these celebrities who are doing it.

People will then clamor to be first in line. “It’s not fair that the rich important people get access and we don’t, we should be able to get in line!”, like the distribution of money.

The distribution of money will be tied to it because that’s how you’re going to get your monthly $1,200 UBI stimulus check. It’s such a good thing that everyone’s going to say “We need to keep doing more of it because a lot of jobs aren’t coming back”.

They actually never were coming back because they were done by machines. Increasingly, a lot of retail jobs and the majority of blue collar jobs have been eliminated because machines have handled it.

Now, white collar jobs are the new blue collar jobs, and they’re being handled by AI. People don’t want to acknowledge this- not that they’re completely eliminated, but assisted in / mostly replaced.

That includes our jobs related to things like marketing, being killed by AI.

People will argue, but go ahead. It’s not going to matter if you don’t conform to the system. If you’re not part of the system, you can’t enter public places.

You will be scanned and told you can’t come in, which means you don’t get access to money they’re giving out every month.

Either way, you’re going to have to do this. The number of people that will resist is at least 2%, but as high as 5%, that means 95% of sheeple will go along with it – because what other choice do they have?

There’s no middle class now, so poor people have to go for it because they need money. and the well-to-do-people will say. “okay, whatever, fine, everyone else is doing it”.

They shut down the planet and all the governments, and all the people who are in control are agreeing to these rules.

Now there’s a coordinated world government. If we all agree that “here’s the vaccine and for the protection of everybody,” you need to have a single system that tracks all these users. So now you have one user ID worldwide- like your social security number, that tracks who you are, checks everything about you, and tracks your money too.

All money nowadays is electronic- virtual money, just like WeChat. Those villagers in China or Africa, they’re using electronic payments. They think that cash money and whatever is unsafe and stupid. You go to these villages in rural China and try to use cash, they’ll think that you’re backwards.

It’s funny to think that they’re higher tech than we are, but why not? It’s safer. It’s not biometric where they’re going to scan your eyeball like in the movies. Someone could cut your finger off or cut out your eyeball.

Now, it’s you- you’re the ID, and what’s safer and you’re going to get access to the money.

Since they’re tracking everything, this means all your money is tracked.

One world financial system.

One world database of users.

One world religion.

One economic system.


This is one of everything, because it needs to be safer.

The idea of a country won’t mean as much anymore. There’s going to be fewer wars and whoever is in charge is going to be the proclaimer of peace because it will look like they are solving all these world problems.

Everyone’s going to get together and find that through this one solution, we will solve all these problems because we’re all brothers, we all worshiped the same God under different names.

We all need to get together.

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We’re in this together, and you’re going to see that everyone else is doing it.

You’re going to look like a renegade for saying any of the things that I’m saying here. If you’re hearing this today, then you probably feel like you’re being gas-lit by all your friends who are going along with it.

If everyone else is going along with it, then why aren’t you?

But you think I’m using some logic: some of these things don’t quite add up or some of these things, I can’t believe that we’re doing this kind of system, but it’s economically necessary. It’s physically necessary.

I don’t think it’s necessarily evil either. Is this system evil, is it the Illuminati?

Look at this from an economic standpoint instead of as a conspiracy theory.

I’m an economics guy that says you need to do this because we know when one person who doesn’t comply and runs into the movie theater and, isn’t scanned, it could infect everyone.

You could have everyone complying, then one guy doesn’t. Now a whole stadium of people are now infected again because the antibodies they give you only last for three to six months of immunity. It’s going to be like the common flu where we keep getting booster shots every season.

Even as light as the threat is, the theory still holds true because you don’t need science to convince people of a principle.

If you are government official, if you’re a business, there’s no logical way around the idea that there must be a vaccine. I’m not arguing with whether the vaccine is good or not, or who’s making money. This isn’t like Bill Gates owning some biometrics company.

In order to open up public places, there has to be a vaccine. And there has to be a tracking system for the vaccine. The tracking system will have to tie to financial payments because entitlements like UBI has now begun, which is Universal Basic Income.

That will lead to FALC – Fully Automated Luxury Communism, which is UBI part two.

You can argue about capitalism and whether people are earning it, or it’s not fair, whether it’ll work or not, or whether it’s bad. This is not a philosophical argument, this is economic function. This will happen.

There’s no way to get out of runaway inflation in the United States over the next 10 years. We’re coming out of 2020, and if you’re listening to this in 2030, you know that all this has already come true.

Runaway inflation will continue because the government keeps printing money. Once they print money, they’ll continue to print more money because the consumers are going to want this.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re Republican or Democrat, anyone who’s elected and in charge will vote for this, because who’s going to want to vote against giving out more $1,200 checks?

Governments always get bigger instead of smaller, and rules never go away- there’s only going to be more.

Remember: this is not anti-government, but a look at economics.

“The Rise and Fall of the Great Empires” by Andrew Taylor is a classic book on every major empire, and they all follow the same path. The U.S. empire is going to follow the same path as the Ottoman empire, and British empire, but mostly- the Roman empire.

Every empire has followed the same path, and we’re in the last stage: they print money. We are the reserve currency, which gives us an advantage. The US dollar is what other countries and a number of other countries’ currencies are backed by.

We will be one world population that is governed together through transactions as part of the system.

The Bitcoin thing is really just a precursor to get people used to the idea that there’s one economic system, and one religion erases cultural differences.

The fact that groups who were once shunned are becoming more socially accepted are paving the way for us all being one in the same culturally. Once there’s mixing, it’s hard to get it unmixed.

If you’re an entrepreneur, you’re going to see there’s more opportunity than there ever was. Real estate is being devalued because of virtual cloud kitchens, the Amazons of the world, and pure-play internet players of the world doing well.

This creates a huge opportunity in digital and in local services, but physical real estate becomes devalued because of self-driving cars and delivery.

You’re decoupling geography from production, which has nothing to do necessarily with nanotechnology and 3d printing, that accelerates costs going down, which creates deflationary pressure.

But in the United States, inflationary pressure is going to outweigh deflationary pressure. UBI is going to create this from printing money, not from taxes.

If you’re listening to this wall after 2020, be used to the idea that everything’s coming to you- pumped in.

Your data is being pumped in, along with your money, your blood, your services, your goods, and it comes for free. You will be part of the sheeple, the brave new world, or idiocracy. Basically you’re in the chair. Everything’s being fed to you intravenously and you don’t have to do anything.

And that will create an opportunity for the 1% as entrepreneurs who want to do something outside of this system.

So consider where you are on this path, what your belief is, whether you believe that this series of steps will come true or not- whether you like them or not.

Consider logically whether this is what’s going to happen, because there has to be a vaccine, because governments will not allow people to be in public without a vaccine.

This vaccine has to be tracked, and that tracking system will then tie to a financial payment system. After all, how else are we going to track people?

Initially it will track the “bad” guys, but eventually track everything else. And there will be one good person who appears and puts everything right, saving the world.

But then an evil person will come along as it always happens. The system gets exploited by some evil person who causes problems. They’ll cause problems at an unprecedented global scale, before was there one world database people, one world currency, one world culture.

This will look like the end times spelled out in the Book of Revelation from the Bible- whether you’re a Christian or not.

Consider these events they wrote out in the Bible are from perspectives that are a few millennia old. Those people didn’t have the vocabulary or the understanding to imagine this modern world and the idea of a bacteria- that wasn’t even widely accepted until last century.

So there’s what I think is going to happen. If you look at the calendar, the end of the age is going to be in the 2100s.

I don’t know if we’re heading towards something there – who knows. You could look at the different predictions and say, according to the Mayan calendar, the world ended 10 years ago, or it ends in five years. There’s all kinds of math to get to whatever you want, but we there’s no question: We are heading into end times.

This is not a cycle. Maybe we’re going to find a way to exit the planet and go to Mars, but think about what you are going to do.

This is not a science fiction movie. This is reality. If you don’t know who I am or you don’t believe me, then you could Google me.

If you’re living in fear – living step-by-step and not looking at the bigger picture – think about what has to happen economically. This is not a political thing. This is just pure economics.

Think about what you are going to do and what your life should be like. Given these things are coming, you need to make your decisions now.

You should only accept excellence.

How would you feel if I described your business as mediocre? A 3 star review – not bad, but not great.

I would be a little hurt, as none of us are in business to just be OK. It’s why we do so much to discern ourselves from the background noise, and why it matters that we have clear mission statements and a well-defined brand that strives for excellence.

This starts from within- with your strategy, your goals, and your people. It’s often easy to overlook areas where you let your standards of excellence slip. 

A few places I’ve noticed this happening:

1. Be very careful with hiring young, eager people – except those who are truly AWESOME without reservation.

It’s easy to be wowed by energy and enthusiasm, but if it’s not focused properly, it’s unusable. 

Now couple that with immaturity, and it will cost you dearly as they demand and excuse their behavior, offending clients, and making everyone else look bad.

I’m not saying that you should only hire well-seasoned veterans- those are in finite supply and their resumes fetch a handsome price.

Those eligible for hire don’t have to have top experience, but must be able to work like professionals regardless of age, hold themselves to a high regard, and understand that others rely on them to perform.

Clients do not care if you’re young, have an exam, or have chores- they only care about results.

2. Only those who fully understand your process and can perform should be managers.

It’s dangerous to put the inexperienced in a role where they make strategic decisions and direct others. You may have the urge to put a “people-person” in the role of manager for how they handle others, since they are approachable and have a friendly touch.

But if they’re incapable of the work themselves, they do not stand a chance directing others how to do it since they have no frame of reference to measure against. 

3. Do not tolerate nonsense at any level.

This means no more babysitting, chasing people for updates, and general nonsense you’d not expect to see at a company like Google, Apple, or Tesla. 

When you see schoolyard drama or petty excuses happening, deal with it immediately

Otherwise, you breed a very toxic work culture full of entitlement and derision. If your crew is gossiping and fighting amongst themselves, they’re not focused on providing excellent results. 

Of course, some people’s feelings will get hurt, since they think excellence doesn’t apply to them or they can continue as usual, thinking they’re above the rules.

The rules apply to everyone- even you, so lead by example. Find the offenders, and cut them out before they poison everyone.

Allowing any of this is not fair to teammates who do take work seriously, even though they could make excuses and be defensive.

4. Communication is key!

This is one of the hardest things to do, but is crucial. It’s why I push the concept of Communicate-Iterate-Delegate (CID) so much, because without someone reporting their progress, we’re unsure of where we are and what to do next.

I think of this like piloting an airplane, a large ship, or going on a cross-country trip without GPS. It would be terrible if your navigational instruments only updated every hour- or worse, intermittently. You would quickly veer off-course, and by the time there’s an update, you could be hundreds of miles in the wrong direction, or crashed into the side of a mountain.

Now throw human emotion into the mix– your team is like the various sensors and mechanisms powering progress and ensuring you’re on course. 

Imagine if your GPS told you it was afraid to give directions, or when you turned the wheel to change direction, it defiantly locked up and told you “no, I think we’re on the right course.”

Coach your team on the values of good communication, and follow it religiously.

5. Stop wasting time with potential clients who aren’t a huge opportunity.

No more quick chats, 15 minute calls, power hours, etc. except paid up front at your full rate with no refunds. Your time is valuable, and you must define how much it’s worth.

Doing so will trim down those who only prove to waste your time or aren’t a good fit. 

Define your standards for your ideal client and what is worth your time, because if someone is not willing to pay for your expertise, they won’t respect the work you do for them.

My litmus test for this is: “If it’s not a ‘Heck Yes’, It’s a ‘Frick No’ “ – Trust your gut, otherwise you’ll deal with the dreaded client from hell.

6. Charge a large fee annually instead of small monthly installments.

This means instead of charging $10.00 a month, charge $120.00 a year.

This weeds out those who treat your service like a gym membership they signed up for but never use since they’re not committed. 

It may seem like a high barrier of entry, and that you’ll lose business because it’s just too expensive, but it’s the opposite. This attracts those who know what they want, have done their research, and are ready for commitment.

To them, it’s an investment- not a try-out that they will just cancel next month.

What are your standards of excellence that you hold yourself and your team to?

As a leader, I often lose sight of the actual business goal.

As a leader, I often lose sight of the actual business goal.

When I get pulled into the details of tasks, it’s easy to start focusing on number of hours, number of meetings, and number of messages.

Stuff that takes a $3/hour 30 hours to complete can be done faster, better, and cheaper by a $50/hour person in 20 minutes.

And someone who bills $6,000 a month will believe that time having elapsed is sufficient proof to get paid, month after month.

It’s our responsibility as leaders to make sure everyone is aligned to the business goal.

Focus on the business impact and let your loyal, competent team members figure out how to get there.

Instead of you trying to micro-manage them.

Build an army of intrapreneurs who are well-trained to help you achieve your goals.