TikTok Ads – 16 Useful Tips

TikTok Ads
Sharing the secret to TikTok Ads

What do you think if I say, “Every Facebook ads consultant out there is now suddenly a TikTok ads expert?” People usually watch for the flood of courses with the “secret” formula to massive viral success and $1 leads. ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok, reached out to me last year, asking for help in building a proper course on TikTok ads. We’ve been testing hundreds of campaigns and looking at the results shared by our friends in real estate, e-commerce, agency, legal, and so forth. 

 I’ll save you the $2,500 course and tell you the “secret” right here:

Short Video Recipe

  1. It’s in your simple, vertical video shot from your phone– that doesn’t look like an ad, has a “Hook” in the first second to capture attention, has big text so people know what it’s about, and tells a “Story”.

Algo-Does the Job. 

  1. No crazy targeting or sophisticated campaign set-up is necessary– the super smart algorithm uses your content’s performance. Same for spark ads, where you boost someone else’s post (called “creators” no longer “influencer”).

What about hiring an agency for TikTok Ads?

  1. Hiring an agency makes ZERO sense unless they can actively coach you through making 15-second videos.  The campaign set-up is relatively easy, as long as you already have your digital plumbing (pixels, tracking, data) in place.

TikTok is the Next Big Thing. Right?

  1. The frothy white waves of hype about TikTok being the next tsunami of traffic are true — just like we saw with Google and Facebook.

How much does it Cost?

  1. Traffic is about 1/4th the cost on Facebook on the paid side (because base CPMs are about $2.50, meaning CPC, CPL and CAC are correspondingly lower). Of course, you’re optimizing to the objective (the algorithm is so smart), using base traffic cost as one of many diagnostic measures.

Don’t Rush Because of FOMO

  1. But make sure you’re not jumping in just because of FOMO (fear of missing out)…..but because you’re shoring up the fundamentals of collecting your client stories in 15-second videos, have a process to process these within your operations, have your digital plumbing properly in place, and are putting money on the winners.

How  smart is TikTok Algo? 

  1. I was at Jake Paul’s house making 15-second videos for our social media marketing course for young adults.  One of the videos leaked out and got half a million likes.
  2. It had nothing to do with our course and wasn’t even on his TikTok account– but one of the guys helping film. But the TikTok algorithm recognized it was Jake Paul’s house in the background of the video, showed it to fans of Jake Paul– and then it went viral.
  3. You’ll see more stuff like this blow up out of nowhere on TikTok, almost exclusively on the organic side. But these are unlikely to be the posts you will be boosting as an extension of the Dollar a Day strategy.
  4. Instead, you’ll find that the same themes that worked for you on Facebook will work on TikTok, adapted to their format of storytelling via 15-second videos.
  5. It’s the same algorithm as Facebook and Google (fight me on this), which seeks to optimize your chosen objective based on conversion data you allow it to see.

Do I really need a strategy for TikTok ads?

  1. TikTok didn’t want me to tell you that you can absolutely reuse Facebook strategies– since they want you to make TikToks only for their platform and know that most existing videos suck too badly to be repurposed.
  2. But if you’ve found success with the fundamentals of the Dollar a Day strategy, I’m pretty sure you’ll find success on TikTok– when repurposing videos, extending your conversion tracking/remarketing, and starting testing at $10/day.

What About Dollar-a-Day?

  1. There’s no better time to implement or refine your Dollar a Day process across Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, and all social networks.
  2. We are seeing a growing convergence on the data and ads side of social platforms– since they are all dependent upon the same optimization algorithm that balances user experience with ad monetization.

Most Importantly

  1. Remember this each time you see a breathless pitch on how you need to jump on TikTok ASAP– to buy their secret before you forever miss the boat.

These Tips will help you make decisions for your TikTok journey. However, if you want a more detailed insight, check out my best-selling book, The definitive guide to TikTok Advertising

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Digital Plumbing for Better ROI

Digital Plumbing

Do you want to know a dirty little secret about social media agencies?

They mindlessly create and distribute content– X posts per week on Instagram, Facebook, Google Business Profile, and now TikTok.

You’re just “one surgery away” from death. Are you interested in the “secret” that the voodoo doctors are peddling?

Could you imagine a “surgeon” operating on you before an MRI? 

Or asking you to jump on a park bench to start operating– no need to monitor your vitals or have any support equipment?

How can Digital Plumbing Help

Digital Plumbing helps build your audience and build traffic; however, they go ahead and advertise before putting that in place. 

Further, digital plumbing is very important for tracking conversions; without digital plumbing, Facebook and Google can’t optimize your ads for conversions.

What about the ROI of these activities, so you’re not just wasting money and are not just an expense?

But if the goal is to check the box of X pieces of content published each week, they’ve certainly done their job. The rest is on you.

Digital Plumbing

It is important to set up a digital foundation and get your data and measurement in place– so you can feed the conversion signals back into Facebook, Google, and TikTok– so the algo can do the work for you.

There is so much backend work needed to set up a digital foundation. Still, people skip the basics – Business listing, website/landing page with all tags and analytics, and optimizing social pages before $1 is spent on ads.

So what do you decide? spending the $189 now or blowing thousands of dollars and years of frustrated efforts.

Facebook crying about Apple’s iOS14 update rings hollow

Facebook crying about Apple’s iOS14 update rings hollow

They claim they’re only trying to protect small businesses from the money-hungry Apple.

Yet who would you trust with your data– Facebook or Apple?

And which company offers real people to talk to when you need help– Facebook or Apple?

Hundreds of my friends have gotten their Facebook ad accounts completely shut down in the last week.

So much pain, nobody to talk to– and even I stand helpless.

These are the small businesses that Facebook claims they’re standing up for.

Facebook claims that small businesses will lose 60% of sales. Perhaps for a selected group of e-commerce players and apps who rely upon interest targeting and remarketing.

But if you’re a local business serving local customers, you have nothing to fear. Creative has been your limitation anyway– and Google is much higher ROI, which includes YouTube.

Facebook’s massive PR and legal team has spent billions per month (not a typo) trying to squash folks like us.

Yet, we’ve been their strongest advocates since May 2007– over 13 years.

Time to diversify, if you haven’t already, to YouTube, Snapchat, TikTok, Google search, LinkedIn, and other platforms.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket– especially if the holder of that basket is greedy and won’t listen to your cries for help.

Facebook was unwilling to accept Apple’s IDFA since they wanted even more data.

So Apple is giving users a prompt to decide if the app can collect “personalized data”.

What exactly is this?

It’s a red herring that consultants love to talk about, since it’s an easy scare for clients.

This won’t affect us much. We’ve probably had 30 conversations and webinars about just this topic in the last month.

In short, we need to pass through conversion tracking natively, not just via the pixel.

So email collection, PPC, and SEO are more important.

Content ultimately becomes the limiting factor, since the system is so smart at optimizing.

So losing certain targeting and custom conversion tracking won’t matter– the system optimizes and native retargeting is what counts (viewthroughs on Facebook).

NEWS FLASH: Cost of Facebook ads down by 35%!

But should you advertise during a recession?

Ad agencies, consultants, and the network say YES, but is that self-interest or truly a case of getting ahead when your competition has stopped advertising?

The cost of Facebook traffic is down 30%, since more people are stuck at home and most advertisers have stopped campaigns.

But from a ROI-perspective, unless you’re Brandon Hurtado (selling tons of BBQ for pick-up) or Amazon, your stores are shut down, so you can’t sell.

Sure, personal trainers can do online workouts via Zoom, but the travel industry is hard-pressed to make money with their physical assets being closed.

Measuring the efficacy of advertising during a recession is so fraught with challenges that it’s nearly impossible.

I’ve looked at a dozen studies and they’re all garbage because of confounding factors– mainly because of selection bias.

In other words, when a recession hits, the winners get stronger and the losers go out of business.

BOTTOM LINE: if you can afford to advertise for 3 months (even via the dollar a day strategy)– with no revenue– go for it.

“Advertising” is now paying to deliver your content, which isn’t necessarily sales material. It could be helpful training or good news you’re sharing.

Think of your advertising as “digital postage”.