Most of our VAs start at Level 1, but they don’t stop there.

It’s a restatement of #LDT in the 9 Triangles— that we must actually earn our level up, instead of believing we should “negotiate” for it.

We have had dozens of prospective VAs insist they should start at a higher level than they’ve demonstrated competence.

And each time, we explain why we cannot award prizes ahead of them earning it– a gold medal before they begin training, since they are certainly capable of it and the prize would motivate them.

The beauty of the leveling system is that it’s clear and fair.
Anyone can level up, so long as they are willing to learn and capable of completing the work.

Despite this, we’ll see people routinely come in and say they can run our entire company, when they’ve not demonstrated they can manage a team, nor demonstrate world class expertise in digital marketing– to be able to earn the respect of people who would be under them.

Stop blaming your stuff

Stop blaming your stuff

You may think that you have a technology problem.

That if you had a certain set of tools, software, or website, then all would be well.

I’ve been a software engineer for over 30 years— and I can tell you this is a lie that software people would like you to believe.

Do you really think that not having that new pair of running shoes is holding you back from exercising?

Do you think a fancy video studio is your missing link to great video marketing?

Do you think that shiny piece of software you saw some guru glowing speak of is going to supercharge your sales?

If you do, then I’ve got a set of golf clubs to sell you that will fix your slice.

I’ve got a new car that will make you a better driver.

I’ve got a set of knives to sell you that will instantly make you Gordon Ramsay.

99% of the time, your issue is a lack of competency and not having a strategy.

But who wants to hear that when a magic fix is what people want?

Get solid on the fundamentals of sales and marketing, which have never changed and never will change.

The 9 Triangles Framework is timeless and powerful— the most successful entrepreneurs swear by it.

But the masses have never heard of it.