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The Habit All Billionaires Have in Common

habits As an entrepreneur and digital marketing expert, I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the most successful business leaders in the world. Through my experiences, I’ve come to realize that there is one habit that all billionaires have in common: they...

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The Role of Organization Structure and Tools

Organization structure Huge corporations suffer from bureaucracy-- well-meaning SOPs that are actually a strait jacket, preventing progress. On the other hand, start-ups suffer from a lack of organization--- hoping to move quickly but getting in their own way. While...

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The Key To Powerful Marketing Is To Teach

Someone once asked me why would you ever tell clients how you do things. This was my response... Yes, this is the whole key to powerful marketing-- to transparently teach what you do, which impresses clients and causes them even MORE, to want to work with us. Every...

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Set Up Your Own Content Factory

I just posted 100 unique pieces of content across multiple channels and brands in the last hour. How To Set Up Your Own Content Factory | Dennis Yu No automation, no VAs, no low-quality content. From my photos app, I shared directly to each social network since using...

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Doubt Your Doubters

"Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith." - Uchtdorf As you make progress toward your goals, haters are inevitable. They'll try to distract you, attack you-- in the hopes you'll doubt yourself and then fail. Since then, their failure is somehow YOUR fault....

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Doing One Thing Well is What Scales

Doing One Thing Well is What Scales. You can always change your niche later. It's easier to serve 50 clients in the same industry, implementing the same package-- than 50 random clients in 50 different industries. Narrowing down to one industry can feel...

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