How I Grew Gavin Lira From 12 Followers to 18,000 Using the Dollar a Day Strategy

Wondering how some people rise above the noise and get a high following on their social media accounts? Here’s how I grew Gavin Lira’s account from 12 followers to 18,000 using the Facebook for a Dollar a Day Strategy:

  1. I made posts honoring well-known friends, instead of talking about Gavin. These friends appreciated the compliment and would retweet my tweets to their audience.

2. I engaged in every comment thoughtfully to encourage conversation while the audience was growing.

3. I used the “Dollar a Day” strategy to boost posts that had performed well to get a multiplier effect.

In the last 28 days, 1.4 million people had seen Gavin’s tweets, but more importantly, over 100,000 people had clicked on his profile to check out the rest of the tweets. Of those, 7,500 decided to follow him.

You might say it’s like “throwing raw meat to the dogs,” which is partly true. Yes, I shared posts that received a lot of attention (for example, 1,000 likes on a post honoring freelancer friends in Pakistan), but if I didn’t also tie these posts to my expertise, my followers would be low-quality and random.

So I used high-engagement posts to break through the noise, allowing people to see that my expertise is worth looking at and listening to.

This is actually a relationship-building strategy called FGF— Find, Give, Friend.

And check out where Gavin is now!

If you haven’t leveraged the power of the “Dollar a Day” Strategy, here is a course on Facebook for a Dollar a Day that will get you up to speed!

The Value of Pay-Per-Call And The Lead Generation Game

With Harrison Gevirtz, founder of Ringba, at the Lead Generation World Conference

At the Lead Generation World conference, I recently met with Harrison Gevirtz, founder of Ringba, the call-tracking solution provider and arguably the smartest man in the internet marketing space who sets the highest standards for himself and his team.

We discussed the pay-per-call space and his company.

Pay-per-call space continues to grow and evolve. People have been buying leads for 20 plus 30 years.

Why buy a lead when you can buy an engagement; when a warm, hot lead is on the phone, ready for you?

When Harrison Gevirtz first started Ringba, people would go, “Calls? Nobody picks up. Nobody calls.” However, people now realize that’s not the case. People are calling way more, and while the call space is growing, the lead space is declining because they see the value in those warm, engaged, ready-to-purchase customers.

Factors Behind Ringba’s Growth

First and foremost, credit for the growth goes to their ambitious team, who always tries to find new clients to become part of the Ringba community.

They have a huge trade show presence and built their business around sponsoring and participating in these trade shows around the country and in different categories.

When you’re a new software company and go to a trade show, the first year, everyone walks past your booth. No one’s interested. The second year they go, “Oh, they’re still in business. That’s interesting.” And the third year, they go, “Maybe I’ll talk to them next year.”

And after three years, when people want to come on board and see what you’re doing, now.

Ringba has been around for six years and has almost become a money gun.

So, if you own a software business, you can’t just judge one trade show when you’re looking at the revenue you generate from the show.

Shooting for Success: How Money Guns and Pay-Per-Call Platforms Can Boost Your Business

What’s a Money Gun

Harrison Gevirtz’s response: “Thank you for the sweet gift Dennis Yu 😂😂 Too much fun.

A money gun, also known as a cash cannon or money blaster, is a device that shoots out paper currency or confetti, typically in a party or entertainment setting. For example, they can be used by performers, nightclubs, or other businesses to create a festive atmosphere. They can also be used as promotional tools to draw attention to a business or event.

Additionally, it can be used for quick transactions such as tips, charity, or giving money to friends or family, as I do as part of my Thank You Machine.

Harrison Gevirtz shooting me with the machine gun!

They are designed to hold and dispense large amounts of cash and typically use compressed air or a spring-loaded mechanism to shoot the cash out.

The Pay-Per-Call Software

The pay-per-call industry is growing because it allows businesses to generate leads and increase revenue through targeted advertising. With pay-per-call, businesses only pay for the calls they receive from potential customers rather than for ad views or clicks that may not result in a sale.

This gives businesses a better ROI and more control over their advertising budget.

Pay-per-call can be more effective for certain businesses, such as local, legal, medical, or financial services. It also allows for a more direct and personal engagement with potential customers, as it’s a call, not just a click.

The industry is expected to grow as technology evolves, making it easier for businesses to track and analyze their pay-per-call campaigns.

Ringba, owned by Harrison Gevirtz, has developed pay-per-call software. Similar to Callrail, but performance oriented and with enterprise features for companies with sophisticated lead gen teams. 

They are the #2 player in the industry. 

The Ringba Software

Ringba specializes in pay-per-call marketing. It was founded in 2013 and is based in San Diego, California. The company provides a platform for businesses to manage and optimize their pay-per-call campaigns.

The platform includes call tracking, number optimization, advanced routing, reporting, and analytics.

Ringba’s clients include businesses in various industries, such as legal, medical, and financial services.

The company aims to provide a comprehensive solution for the pay-per-call industry and to help businesses optimize their campaigns for better results. The company serves many clients, from small businesses to large enterprises.

Ringba’s platform can be integrated with other marketing platforms to deliver a seamless experience to its clients.


The pay-per-call industry is growing, and the Ringba software is like providing a money gun for its users. Harrison is, in fact, making it rain with his pay-per-call software, Ringba.

Ringba provides a comprehensive solution for the pay-per-call industry, including call tracking, number optimization, advanced routing, and reporting and analytics. As a result, it helps businesses optimize their campaigns for better results.

The Hammer Is Hiring a Manager of Our Content Factory

Darryl Issacs, a Personal Injury Attorney at Issacs and Issacs– The Hammer, needs a business person to help him drive more cases to grow his law firm using Content Factory. 

Google “Dennis Yu Content Factory” or “Digital Marketer Content Factory” to understand these four stages.

Content Factory

Darryl’s producing a ton of content as a figurehead, but he has other partners and attorneys, and he needs to create content in Spanish.

The firm handles various cases nationwide, including truck, motorcycle, and car accidents.

One way to manage this content is by using a team of virtual assistants to capture the stories of clients who have experienced life-changing accidents and share them to help more people.

When producing content, it’s important to have a strategy and repurpose it for multiple channels, not just TikTok, YouTube, or Facebook. 

Then we will boost it using the dollar-a-day strategy– Which is the last stage in Content Factory.

The beauty of managing this content factory is that you can show that you’re managing and growing the firm, provably and analytically.

This position has the potential to be very well paid, especially if you can show that you can drive results and understand the different stages of the content factory.

When applying, it’s important to show that you understand the business side of things and can generate results, not just list your resume and years of experience. 

If you can prove you can drive results and understand the process, you might be eligible for bonus compensation.

Using Authenticity to Succeed on Social Media

Your social media is failing because you’re not showing yourself doing the thing you actually do.

If you’re a garage door technician, show yourself working on a garage door.

If you’re a health and wellness practitioner, show yourself treating patients.

You can certainly have talking-head videos as voiceovers on top of the actual doing.

Social Media
Succeed on Social
Use “Authenticity” to Succeed on Social Media

Recipe to Succeed on Social Media

Showing what you’re doing is trickier for digital marketing agencies. Because who wants to see Zoom calls and emails?

So my agency friends do the following things:

  • Show high-authority content on social media. Show yourself hanging out with leaders that people in your industry respect.
  • Publish a book, interview people on your podcast, and then turn it into a book.

People fear that AI will ruin marketing, but only for those who write generic articles that a robot can write.

Therefore, show real stories of what you do with your clients on social media.

AI uses a sample of the world’s collective knowledge to create content. I learned from interviewing top AI SaaS founders that AI is not fundamentally designed to map relationships and events.

Facebook is closest to this approach, but they are trying to beat TikTok by showing users the ‘best’ content instead of just what your friends are doing.

I believe that Facebook will continue to outperform TikTok in generating local leads because it lets friends and neighbors know what other people are up to.

So, if you show what you do, you will win.