Your Marketing is What People Say About you

When I opened my laptop this morning and saw this comment, I got pink.

HotSpot Commented

Stop beating your chest.

Your marketing should be what others say about you, like HubSpot’s sharing of the Dollar a Day Strategy. Everyone should know Dollar-a-Day Facebook Ad Strategy.

Almost everyone gets this wrong.

Marketing Viewpoint

Thus, reframe your view of “marketing” from YOU cranking out stuff to promoting what others are saying about you.

You do 90% of the work if you have customers that love you.

You need to collect, repurpose, and amplify these assets, so they can continue to live forever.

Hence, the whole point is to uplift others, not just shameless self-promotion.

And then your Content Factory will continue to operate without you needing to “launch campaigns” all the time.

What do you think of this strategy?

Decouple Content Production from Content Distribution

Here is a dirty little secret.

It takes ten times longer to upload, edit, coordinate, QA, post, and cross-post than to make the content itself.

I recorded a 5-minute video yesterday on TikTok ads that will be turned into an article and set of social media posts. Edit and distribute them into many channels (blog, book, podcast, Facebook, LinkedIn, email, TikTok, etc.)

But it will take over an hour, even with Descript, Jasper, and other AI tools, to get it processed.

I did a killer 90-minute training with John Jonas on how he built a site with 2 million virtual assistants and how to hire your own VAs to do your marketing. 

But it will take 2-3 weeks to turn around this episode, maybe longer because of follow-ups and confusion from many cooks in the kitchen.

Grant Cardone made a one-minute video for me on how to make a one-minute video. 


But it will take days to run it through the Content Factory to turn into social media posts that we boost for a Dollar a Day.

The thing preventing you from making content is the dread of how long it takes to go through this whole thing.

But what if you needed only 1/10th the time?

Me, sharing my expertise

Create Content Factory

Would you be willing to make more content like a “walk and talk” in your morning exercise routine, a 15-second tip while you’re driving (hands-free and safely, of course), or a 5-minute “how to” after a frustrating client meeting?

A galloping horde of robots is coming our way, eagerly peddling their automation and tools, proclaiming content nirvana.

It’s all a lie.

Because there is no one tool that “does it all,” even though these software companies put their logo in the center of a diagram with spokes outward to all the other tools they integrate with or replace.

And the social media agencies incessantly bang on our doors.

Hoping we’ll buy their packages, attractively dressed up like Girl Scout Cookies.

But mindlessly posting content X times per week on Y social media channels is dumping more turds into the punchbowl.

No amount of fake followers or bogus influencer campaigns will drive sales. And you know it.

They’re robots, too, just more expensive.

The solution, which is not available for $1,997 or a “secret” mastermind, is to build your Content Factory to process the content you and your customers create.

Check out the Content Factory, a process more than a focus on any particular tool.

It will change how you think about marketing.

I think you’ll find that it’s more about the process to extract what’s in your head.

We are decoupling content production from content distribution.

Sshhh! The social media “experts” will get mad if you know this.

What used to cost us $500 per episode to edit by humans using expensive software over a week now costs $1 and takes 3 minutes.

Automatically trimming the “um’s” and “ah’s,” cleaning up the sound, transcribing, creating social snippets, etc.

Are you excited to finally get your Content Factory going and have the wool lifted from your eyes?

Mistakes to Avoid When Applying for a Job

You are reading this blog because we want to improve your chances of getting a job with us. 

We are hiring like crazy because we are fortunate to have many clients and partners.

I’m going to tell you about some mistakes people make when applying.

If you can avoid these three mistakes and follow the instructions, there is a good likelihood that you are going to be way ahead of anyone who is applying for a particular position.

Mistake Number 1

Make sure you spend a little time, personalize your message, and say something particular about what you learned.

Show that you stand out, which puts you ahead of 95% of other candidates.

The first mistake is they reach out to other folks in the team or me with zero preparation.

Do not send a canned message that says, “Dear Sir,” and then it just has stuff that you didn’t put anytime to research on what our company does.

If you haven’t seen tons of projects we have, then you’re going to look like the thousands of other people just blasting their resumes out.

Mistake Number 2

Watch out for grammatical errors and other kinds of mistakes.

We are looking at your ability to communicate if you have capitalization and punctuation errors, it hurts your chances.

Even if English is not your first language, that’s okay. We have a lot of folks in the Philippines, Brazil, Pakistan, and other places.

But you have to show that you can communicate very clearly. It doesn’t mean you have to be a writer or to be able to write a book. Avoid things that have grammatical mistakes.

Mistake Number 3

Follow-up: If you want to know what you can do, you must follow the instructions closely.

The instructions for any particular job will be something like sending a note to Juan, making a one-minute video and posting it on LinkedIn, or sending something with a subject line with a keyword.

Please pay attention to the details, as we constantly test your ability to follow directions.

This mocks out many candidates because they cannot pay attention to the details.

It would be best if you worked closely with other team members when working on a team in different groups. 

If you come to me every time, it shows you cannot work in a team. That doesn’t mean I do not want to hear from you.

Me sharing guidelines on “Mistakes to avoid when applying for a job.”

But if you can imagine the guy Jim who started Cosco, if everyone went to CEO of Cosco across all the different stores of Cosco, they would never get anything done because they would just be creating chaos.

You must learn to follow directions and know who to contact for whom.

It could be another team member. It could be someone who is in a particular group.

There are always some instructions, and you have to demonstrate that you can figure out who is the right person to contact or be able to solve the problem for yourself or go to the training.

Certainly, reach out when it is a question that does deserve clarification that you need.

But remember if you are implying that the team is evaluating your ability to follow directions. The question you ask tells us your comprehension and how well you understand.

Maybe you want to be a project manager, have 20 years of experience running an agency, and want to work with us. That’s great too.

Engage and Show your Expertise

I can tell you if it’s working for me; I will first see whether you engage with our content and whether you have the expertise.

I will look you up and determine the best use of your time and my time.

There is so much opportunity in our mission to create a million jobs, and I’m happy that we have friends like john Jonas and our friends with Fiverr, Nelson, who got a bunch of 7 figure agencies in his group, so he’s helping agency scale.

If you are an agency owner reading this for fun, great! We would love to see you hire people; the people coming to our program are not for us. It’s for all of us.

We want to create jobs together based on clear, fair instructions, anyone who can qualify, anyone who can get these things done, doesn’t matter where in the plant, doesn’t matter if they are a single mom, doesn’t matter if you are broke if you can get the job done. We want to hire you.

So, I hope that is encouraging for you, and I hope that you can step ahead and be ahead of most of the people who make mistakes when applying for jobs, whether for us or somebody else.

Looking forward to seeing your progress, and if by some chance you don’t hear from us or you get declined, maybe you are not ready. 

You can always try again. We believe people can constantly improve and accelerate their learning.

And we are a team that comes from making many mistakes we have seen in the last 20+ years of hiring.

Go check it out, and I can’t wait to see your progress along the way.

Tight Targeting to Boost LinkedIn posts

Sad about Facebook removing interest targeting and that it could probably go away on the various other social networks?

Well, guess what?

You can boost posts on LinkedIn– not at a Dollar a Day, but $10 a day.

But you can target by their job title, the exact company they work at, their skill, where they live, and so forth.

LinkedIn used to cost 20 times more than Facebook but now is only 3 times the price.

Yet if you’re smart about who you’re targeting– like picking an audience of only a thousand highly relevant people, then you’re spending only $50 to bombard them.

I’m not AJ Wilcox, the king of LinkedIn ads, but I can tell you even my simple boosting of LinkedIn posts works wonders– because I have interesting content and tight targeting.

Boosting LinkedIn posts works wonders

Why do you think they are removing interest targeting?

There could be many reasons– more profit, less government interference, and the inevitable result of GDRP.

This level of precision in the audience is the reason people are willing to pay 3x the cost of Facebook.

Facebook & Instagram: $1/day

YouTube: $5/day (usually fires off)

LinkedIn: $10/day

TikTok: $20/day (unless it’s decreased lately)

Also, use Boolean search operators organically first (before advertising) on LinkedIn to find competitors and uncover the best keywords.

Why am I Unbeatable

Do you know why I am unbeatable?

Not because I’m stronger than you, smarter than you, or because I “never give up”.

It’s because I don’t believe I have any competitors.


Anyone who is better than me at something I do, I want to learn from them and partner. I want to honor them and praise their accomplishments.

Over the last 30 years, by applying this strategy, I’ve built up a powerful network of friends who are there for me.

When I was a 23-year-old know-it-all, I thought I could outwork everyone.

Now I realize my vast ignorance, so I just call up the expert in that area for help.

And instead of trying to figure out HOW to do something, I now ask WHO can do it.