Digital marketing is all about connecting and building relations.

These influencers are everywhere, trapping as many people as they can.

Yes, I’m talking about the FAKE financial gurus and influencers. They are on fire and trending these days.

They are showing their luxurious lifestyle to gather all the attention they can to trap all the wantrepreneurs and make quick money.

They are always flashing their wealth to sell you the CRAP they call coaching/courses or training.

Whatever they call it, it’s all FAKE; they want to make a profit.

If they make more money from selling courses or coaching than an actual product or service, that’s a clear sign that it’s completely baseless. 

People who don’t even know the basics of digital marketing are selling their courses.

They try their best to show that digital marketing is super complicated and are the only ones who know the GREAT SECRET to succeed.

The lies they come up with!

Here are the top 10.

1) Generating attention = more money.

I know many folks with over a million followers and blue checkmarks. But, unfortunately, they are flat broke, driving Uber to pay rent they’re late on.

2) Go LIVE every day.

Well, that’s what they do, But we are business owners who don’t make a living on social media, selling social media. Instead, social media is a channel we use to drive us more clients.

3) If you don’t hop on the latest trend, you’ll miss out, 

FOMO – Fear of Missing Out – is powerful. I’ve talked about the TikTok craze– where TikTok itself is hot, but the courses are pure trash.

4) You need to go viral.

If you’re teaching a course, you better have proof. But if you’re a real estate agent, lawyer, dentist, or chiropractor– you need only clients and patients. Ranking in local search in your city is what matters– not global stardom.

5) The “secret” technique.

I have oceanfront property in Nevada to sell you. If you believe this, the next time you see a heart surgeon or a pilot, ask them if there’s a “secret” to what they’re doing.

6) Fake it till you make it.

Pose like you’re successful and you’re 90% there. I met the founder of Voodoo Donuts last night in some sleepy beach town in Costa Rica. You’d never know. That guy you see with the Lambo is probably broken. And the Lambo is rented.

7) You’re just one funnel away, one lottery ticket away from millions.

They use this because it’s the trap that wantrepreneurs fall for– and will continue to fall for decades. 

8) If you keep making content, eventually, you’ll win.

That donkey isn’t going to turn into a unicorn, no matter how many miles it runs on a treadmill. Sheer force won’t open the vault. But systems, processes, good people, and a solid product/service will, over time.

9) Rags to riches (also known as the “hero’s journey”).

The classic story of how they were struggling, just like you– but then stumbled across a magic lamp (everyone has their version of the secret object). And now– BOOM! Lambos, boats, and mansions!

10) Anything with “figures” seven, eight, etc.

I know some folks who generate seven figures in revenue– but when you factor in ad costs and labor, they are losing money. 

I’ve been in this field for decades, trained countless people, and made countless courses and training. So, when I see all this fake stuff going on, it infuriates me. So then the question is, how can we succeed in digital marketing?

I’ve already explained, very simply and clearly, how we can do successful digital marketing. It’s not a money game anymore.

Digital marketing is all about connecting and building relations.

It’s not one of those manifesting secrets; if you believe it, it will happen to you. So building up these meaningful connections will give you that multiplying power.

Recently I’ve talked about the top 5 ways we can build meaningful relationships. Marketing isn’t rocket science. So much of it comes down to people and how you interact with others.

Your brand needs to relate more deeply to those you’re trying to attract. Anyone promising a shortcut is undoubtedly trying to sell you something.

And we all know how many get-rich-quick marketing “gurus” are out there.

Marketing “hacks” are nothing but a buzzword. But, unfortunately, there is no such thing as a single action that can grow your brand overnight. These things take time.

I thought I should share some of (what I call) the hard truths about what is going on these days. Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg, but I promise we will cover everything in the future.

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So what are some of the most common lies you know about? I would love to hear from you guys. So you can let me know in the comments. Thanks!