Sad about Facebook removing interest targeting and that it could probably go away on the various other social networks?

Well, guess what?

You can boost posts on LinkedIn– not at a Dollar a Day, but $10 a day.

But you can target by their job title, the exact company they work at, their skill, where they live, and so forth.

LinkedIn used to cost 20 times more than Facebook but now is only 3 times the price.

Yet if you’re smart about who you’re targeting– like picking an audience of only a thousand highly relevant people, then you’re spending only $50 to bombard them.

I’m not AJ Wilcox, the king of LinkedIn ads, but I can tell you even my simple boosting of LinkedIn posts works wonders– because I have interesting content and tight targeting.

Boosting LinkedIn posts works wonders

Why do you think they are removing interest targeting?

There could be many reasons– more profit, less government interference, and the inevitable result of GDRP.

This level of precision in the audience is the reason people are willing to pay 3x the cost of Facebook.

Facebook & Instagram: $1/day

YouTube: $5/day (usually fires off)

LinkedIn: $10/day

TikTok: $20/day (unless it’s decreased lately)

Also, use Boolean search operators organically first (before advertising) on LinkedIn to find competitors and uncover the best keywords.