Dr Philip Ovadia stopped by the Coach Yu Show to talk about metabolic health. He is the creator of the The Five Steps in the metabolic health test. I had no idea that LDL cholesterol was not the cause of heart disease. He wrote this book called Stay Off My Operating Table. (He’s a heart surgeon.)

Dr Philip Ovadia just eats meat. He avoids carbs and sugar.

And he completely blows the doors off of conventional medicine. He talks about how there is a big conspiracy in the food industry to get you to be unhealthy. And he talks about the heart of the American Heart association.

This is a fantastic book. And I encourage all you guys to read it.

Want to get an idea of how your metabolic health ranks? Dr. Ovadia created a Metabolic Syndrome Calculator. In about a minute you can gauge your health. Pretty nifty.

He’s also available to help guide you to better heart health.

I’ve been watching what I eat, too.