I want to talk about dealing with haters. And this is something that I think is a touchy topic. As human beings, we all experience these unpleasantries one way or another. And, sometimes it is our own fault which causes these unpleasantries in life.

We make mistakes. That is part of being human. It’s how we cope and deal with it that makes us different from other species on this planet.

Check Out These 5 Things


Our mind and body are connected with each other. Remember, when you get angry at something, your body reacts because of the stress. Once you set your path to be a vengeful person, the mind can come up with great but terrible ideas that not only will get you into trouble but also the people around you.

Instead of doing something unpleasant which we know can take up all your energy, time, and money, divert that creativity and make a profit out of it. You can even learn how to grow an audience from your haters and supporters alike.

  1. Troll Them Back With Humor

Imagine that you’re in the backyard and your neighbor suddenly comes up to you and says, “I swear I didn’t touch your lawnmower”. And you are looking at them with total confusion, and then you replied, “What are you talking about? I thought I was the one who was stealing your newspapers.

Since they’ve already done something and now they are attacking you for it because no one wants to feel that they’re a bad person.

Using humor is a good way to diffuse potentially violent confrontations. But going overboard by being sarcastic can be offensive to others when they misunderstood what you are trying to convey. Use it wisely and sparingly. Unless you’re a stand-up comedian or witty enough to make your haters laugh and adore you.

  1. You Don’t Need To Put Others Down

When people do atrocious things– no one wants to say, “I’m unethical. I’m a thief. I stole all your stuff. I stole all the equipment in your video studio. I’m a bad person, but I got away with it.” (Said, no one EVER). They’re not going to say that. 

But it’s totally okay for them to take the equipment because they thought that by reducing you down to a less than a human then it will just be alright to take stuff from you. By the way, this happened to me in my own company. Worst of all it was my personally appointed CEO who did these atrocious things.

In spite of all the things that they throw at me. I still sleep heavily at night. Snoring loudly as ever. Compare that to a person who plots and schemes his way through life.

  1. Shower Them With Kindness

Instead of fighting fire with fire, you can try roasting marshmallows and sharing them. Buy them something nice. Nobody can resist free things.

This is something my pastor told me years ago, his name is Byron McDonald. He was the senior pastor at Rolling Hills Covenant Church. And he said that when people attack for no apparent reason, you look beyond the aggression and you will see that they’re in pain.

Look at someone for example, who has an injury, right? Maybe they’re debilitated and sitting in a wheelchair and missing out on things, then you look at them and you’re not going to get mad. Pitying them is out of the question. You have to understand that just because someone has an emotional injury, it’s every bit real as a physical injury.

  1. Be Firm With Your Convictions

A hater is someone who looks at you with disdain and they don’t even know why.

When you do things that make you happy, your haters are there to remind you that they aren’t. Dragging you down, hoping that in their mind you will be the same as them.

A mediocre.

So, don’t throw in the towel just yet. Think about the reason why you started with that crazy idea which put you in the online marketing business, video game streaming industry, food business, healthy lifestyle choices, which by the way is harder than it looks. On the other hand, it is easier for critics to say harsh words when they don’t have any idea how things work.

Just remember that with every resistance that you encounter, there is always support when you’re too overwhelmed and helpless.