6 years ago, Mark Wagner, had a mission to build a software company. Here’s his YouTube live:

And today, he is co-founder at Gantry Technologies, creating dashboards for companies who want to get the most out of their Kubernetes infrastructure.

Most people are afraid to vocalize their goals– keeping them inside, fearful that letting others know could lead to ridicule if you flop.

But the brave few who take the initiative to put their goals on display for all to see will attract help from all corners of their life— people they didn’t even know could help.

Witness the power of the one minute video. In this case, more like 10 minutes. And for good measure, Mark made another one, this on what he’s hoping to do after college.

You can use video to also ask questions and as an exercise to help you clarify your thoughts.

People think video has to be “perfect”, so they postpone making it, robbing them of the opportunity.

Being on video is unavoidable, so we must all build skills here– whether Zoom calls, client meetings, trainings, or even hanging out with relatives across the country.

As entrepreneurs, we all know the importance of telling our story and sharing it with the world.

Making videos is a great way to do this- but what if you’re afraid people will judge your video or not like it? You may be suffering from perfectionism in which case you need to start making one minute videos that tell your story so that others can see who you are and help make your dreams come true.

It’s time to take the plunge and start making videos. Yes, videos are scary but they can also be very rewarding when you share your goals with people who want to help you reach them. We recommend starting out by telling your story in one minute or less using a video blog (vlog) format.

This will give you practice editing and screen shooting while sharing what motivates you most about running your business without being too overwhelming for yourself or others. If that sounds like something worth doing then let us know! Our team is ready to partner up with you so we can create an amazing marketing plan for success together.