I just talked to a dev/growth hacker about this.

Here’s how it works:

1) Devs found the API calls Clubhouse made, they’re pretty well know, and there are wrapper like https://github.com/stypr/clubhouse-py… for python.

2) Once you register an acc via a phone, you no longer need that phone. You get a session and device ID you can re-use, so 2 values.

3) You can get a bunch of phone number verification codes for as low as $0.1 (and cheaper in Bulk) from sites like smspva[dot]com.

4) So they (most likely) registered a bunch of accounts so they don’t get rate-limited. They prob have thousands. They (most probably) use 4G proxies (airsocks, etc) where you get a pool of thousands of IP addresses.

5) And they use the non-official API which is well-known to communicate with clubhouse and pull out dataso yeah, multiple accs (obtained in a smart way so there’s not a pattern in them), multiple phone #s (cheap), multiple proxies (not expensive), and boom you have clubhub.