Dennis Yu

Dennis Yu | Digital Marketer, Speaker, Agency Builder

In today’s world, the Internet is a powerful tool for businesses to leverage.

And videos can be an excellent way to engage your audience and bring in new customers. By using videos, you can get your business’s message distributed quite easily.

But how do you actually create a video? What should it include? How long should it be? And what are some good ideas for topics of interest to small businesses?

Well, as someone who doesn’t like to talk to his phone, I prefer to be asked questions in “interview style.” This helps me overcome fear of recording myself.

Videos should always be around one minute long, and should include information about how you “help X, achieve Y, by Z”.

The purpose of creating short videos for your business is this: customer attention.

At the beginning, most customers don’t have time to watch a lengthy video on what you do.

However, they will most likely have enough time to stop scrolling and watch you talk about your business in the form of a raw video.

And here’s the good news: the video content can be created at home, on location or in a studio. It just depends on what you want it to look like and who will be in the video.

And over time, as you post regularly, these potential customers will begin to be familiar with seeing you. 

This creates a special bond with you and your future customers, a stronger one than creating professional videos.

You see, people are skeptical. And they’ll choose the familiar, trustworthy option.

They’d rather see the bloopers on your videos than a 100% polished and flawless video.

When they see a side of you that isn’t perfect, this will create a special trust bond.

But here’s the part that people get stuck at, fear.

And here’s some motivation, in order to succeed, you have to start!

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