Haven’t we all experienced that moment when we buy this new electronic equipment for the office, just to come to find out that it’s unusable simply because we are missing the specific connector? 

We experienced this when updating our office and video set up. One of our most used products is the Rode Wireless Go. “an ultra-compact wireless microphone system that is unique in its clip’n’go versatility and incredibly compact form-factor.” 

This product especially makes it easy since it is compatible with your camera and your phone. 

One common question and concern we received when recommending this product is the lack of sound when swapping over to the phone.  

When buying this product, it will include a TRS to TRS connector (black to black), which is great to connect to a camera.

But almost nobody knows that to switch to a phone (Android or iPhone), you need a TRS to TRRS connector (black to gray).

If you try to plug the TRS to TRS cable into the lightning adaptor cable for your iPhone, you get no sound.

The TRRS side (gray) has 3 lines instead of 2.

And if you try to plug the TRRS end into a camera, the camera won’t work. The second two products (TRS to TRRS, and CHARGEWORX Lightning) are the two cables we carry with us. That way we can swap from camera to phone when needed. 

We love using the Rode Wireless Go. And despite the inconvenience of purchasing an additional cable or two, the quality audio that it produces is worth it.