You can show you care in a couple sentences.

But don’t make the mistake I’ve made with one BlitzNation subscriber specifically, where I’ve given him hours of my time privately to help him build his brand.

He wanted me to join his podcast several times, then cancelled and no-showed, which is not good form.  

He didn’t follow through on the specific recommendations I gave him– which is key for anyone in our program, even if just courses, group coaching, or private one-on-one coaching.

We are teaching at intermediate to advanced levels– we don’t have much beginner level content.  

But if you present yourself as an industry pro who is teaching others about how to expand your brand via digital, I’d assume you’re not a beginner yourself.

We are not right for everyone.  We aren’t trying to please everyone— just the top folks in the industry to start, who in turn can then teach their communities.

I admire that our subscriber wants to be a big personal brand that teaches others how to grow their personal brand.  But he’s not at the level of a partner– he needs to be a specialist (learn how to do digital) or a business (client) first.

Watch for people who want to be partners, but need to start at specialists or businesses.

Think about their expectations and look at it from their point of view – as if they were actually a partner – to see the gap in expectations.