Go grab your domain name before someone else does.

I just bought blitzmetrics.club and blackdiamond.club so I can reference it in my Clubhouse bio and mention it live.

I was invited to a room by Jo Verdu, who is a massively successful domainer, who explained this to me….

Clubhouse is taking off, so the .club domains are super valuable digital real estate.

He brokered a million dollars in .club domains in the last 24 hours– around cannabis.

In some ways, the .club domain will be more powerful and easier to acquire than a premium domain.

I’m sad that someone else snapped up dennisyu.club– so get yours now before you have to pay through the nose on someone who squats on your name.

Grab your friends’ name and business’ names.

GoDaddy is selling .club domains for 99 cents right now.

George Verdugo just mentioned me in this Clubhouse room just now, talking about our 3 day mastermind he attended.

So I decided to offer that training to anyone who messages operations@blitzmetrics.com with “I LOVE GEORGE VERDUGO” as the subject line.

And look at the flood of messages I got just now (screenshot below).

All I did was share what George told me (I’m not a domain expert). He was kind to me and I paid it forward, which is the heart that drives Clubhouse.