The following is a guest post by Marie Young from Basking Ridge, NJ.

I’m in Clubhouse right now on Social Media Ads for Agents with Dennis Yu, Jason Pantana, and some really wonderful experts on the subject of not only how to do it, but how to do it the right way.

Clubhouse reminds of my days at NYU where, one day, the teacher would send in a substitute and it turned out to be the CEO of a major bank.  Tonight was a real pleasure, as well as an eye-opener. 

My takeaway is to get ahead of the game and to use Google once again. 

Interestingly, as Jason told us to use Google Ads back in October, I logged into my old account to see that, back in 2008, I had 11 million impressions for $73. 

Tonight, Dennis Yu took us to another level — Google My Business, and I’m spending Saturday night immersing myself.  The SEO ideas are fantastic, and the tools to make sure what you’re doing isn’t just fun, but there’s an ROI.  It has me eager to post and see the results.  

I just completed the first of many display ads in a long long time. Spent $201.91, had 445,725 impressions, and 168 clicks.  Now the work begins for even more conversions.

The tips and tricks to see what Google searches are made, how my business fits in, how much is cached in Google, and the balance of SEO vs ads depending on market, are a major help.  

Benevolent promotions, and balancing not only video vs. photos, but now, Facebook vs. Google, is key.  With Apple’s new iOS update, Google may play an even more important role.

I’m going to visit as soon as the call is over.  If you want to be ahead of the competition, I highly recommend both Tom Ferry Coaching, of which I am a member, and now, BlitzMetrics.  

And if you aren’t on Clubhouse, get on it.  It’s worth the logon – there are the gods of just about every area worth exploring, and you can share a room with them!