This is a guest post by Dr. Alicia Tsounis from Roseville, CA.

Toxic relationships with people and services ruin lives.

And so do migraines. One of my main marketing series is “Break Up with Migraine.” I dedicate my life to helping people who suffer from migraines find a long term solution for relief, without the use of drugs and surgery.

It’s time to break up with more than just the toxic ex, migraine – but also SEO.

You see, I’m a chiropractor. And in the digital marketing world, digital marketers salivate over people like me. They think I’m desperate for new patient leads and will pay thousands for even the most unqualified lead to come draggin’ through my door. And you know what? 

They are right. Countless chiropractors, though their hearts are full of gold for service, have zero business sense. Zero. It’s like taking candy from a baby for digital marketers.

I have personally felt severely taken advantage of by the obnoxious promises made by digital marketers and ad agencies. I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars on what I’ve now found was all SEO BS

After years of frustration with internet advertising and marketing, I met Dennis Yu. He has completely revolutionized my understanding of not only digital marketing, but the internet itself. Because of Dennis, I now truly understand the analytical component of how and why the internet, specifically Google, does what it does. 

I’ve realized the thousands of dollars I would spend on SEO and Google Ads were really for nothing, because Google didn’t view me as relevant. With Dennis guiding my business through the workings of Google properly, my business is now becoming more relevant, legitimate, and showing up on a search engine inquiry with related keywords and tags.

I’ve learned you can’t pay your way to SEO and show up as Google’s first pick. SEO is organic, and it’s earned through original content such as blogs and videos. Do your wallet and your business a favor and break up with the idea that you can pay for SEO and Google Ads to receive qualified leads who stay and pay. 

Check Dennis out and his one-minute video strategy, tips for original content creation, and his incredible $1/day ad strategy, and watch how it will absolutely allow your business to successfully dominate your sector of the industry.