If you want to know how to run a 7 figure agency, follow Tristan Parmley.

Like me, he’s had personal struggles and been burned in business dealings.

He’s one of the hardest workers I know.

He ran 10.1 in the 100 meters, by the way, setting his university record on his way to being a champion D1 athlete.

He chose a niche– chiropractors, so we started ChiroRevenue in the fall of 2020.

He made sure to have people, process, and platform– finding others who were strong the areas he is weak.

He sought out partners, instead of seeing “competitors”– believing a smaller piece of a big pie is better than all of a tiny pie.

But his desire to win caused him to take shortcuts and ruin his professional reputation.

He renamed ChiroRevenue into The Lead Cure and instantly declared he had a 7 figure agency.

Go look at the LinkedIn or Facebook for The Lead Cure and you’ll see it’s got the old ChiroRevenue posts still.

That’s because he just renamed all the accounts, instead of creating something new.

My hope is that Tristan can swallow his pride and repair what he’s done.

He’s a bright young man who could still be a success in the future.