Choose ONE niche serving ONE type of customer doing ONE thing really well, instead of doing many things for many types of people. The latter doesn’t scale and results in headaches.

Even a technology business is still a people business first— you need relationship skill to sell, manage employees, and build partnerships. Develop EQ instead of being “just business” all the time.

The path is longer than you think, costs more than you think, and has problems your best-laid plans don’t account for. Still set goals, but don’t beat yourself up when things go wrong.

Focus on getting results, not on how you look. In due time, people will know you by your accomplishments.

Charge a LOT more than you think. Easier to service a few customers paying a lot than many customers who pay little. The less they pay, the more they expect.

Don’t be too proud to ask for help. Keep a list of mentors who advise you on key issues.

The “hustle” of working non-stop is a young man’s game. Take care of your body and have no guilt in enjoying down time. A fully charged hour of yourself is more productive than a full day of grinding while tired.

Turn the camera on to document the journey. Others will learn from your struggles and things they don’t have the courage to reveal openly.

Rather than trying to “network”, be choosy in having a close group of high vibration friends who have done what you want to do.

Take advice only from people who have achieved the goals you have— everyone, especially friends, love to offer you their unqualified opinions.

People who are mean to you are actually revealing their hidden pain. Be kind to them. It’s not personal.

Honor promises you made to yourself at the same level of an important client meeting in your calendar.

Happiness comes from serving others— toys and status soon lose their shiny appeal.

Your income is in direct proportion to the value of the problems you solve. What do you do well that you can scale through people, process, and platform?

Wealthy people own assets that produce residual income— so they focus their efforts by impact, not by hours worked, meetings had, or tasks done. Build a business or multiple businesses that can operate without you, but set the example as the first employee.

Give away your knowledge freely— karma will come back 100 fold, even years later.