A friend of mine who just started his agency asked me if he should be giving his time away for free for a Power Hour audit.

And I told him HECK NO.

Because he’s got dozens of other clients that would love to hire him and buy his implementation packages.

Because this prospect insisted on free, instead of paying the $500 for him time and team, and that maybe he could use him as a reference client later.

Value your time.

Sure, talk to them for 15 minutes for free if you need the business, aren’t already well-known, don’t have a process yet, or know this lead is very likely to be a good client.

But if they act like a nightmare client now, imagine what happens when they have paid you even a dollar and feel like they own you?

Most people would say that you should try to talk to every lead– because who knows?

I say, respect yourself like an emergency room physician who is focused on seeing patients who have urgent needs– not those who want to generally talk about medicine in general or have you explain to them each of the possible surgeries you could do.

Do you agree with my advice?