Make sure it honors those who brought you, since we are only as good as our people.

Create as much value as you can for your partners, before they even think to ask— or worse, before they need to remind you.

Everything good I’ve ever gotten has been because people opened doors for me.

I’ve blown so many opportunities— because I was too eager to promote myself, unknowingly creating distractions instead of helping.

When your mentors and partners clearly see that you’ve got their interests in mind, that you’re a reliable go-getter, more doors will keep opening.

So here’s the big “secret” that took me years to discover the hard way…

When you have gratitude in all you do, instantly your fear and self-righteousness disappear— and the amazing people and things in front of you reveal themselves to have been in front of you all along.

Hold me accountable to recognizing the incredible people I get to spend time with.

A team on a shared mission.

It’s not because I’m “awesome” in any way, but because of the people around me working hard and opening doors.