Years ago, Facebook had a LIKE button on ads– do you remember?

Back then, fan growth was all the rage– and it was before there was a newsfeed or even mobile.

We could even drive 600 fans for a dollar– not a typo, since traffic was about 20 cents for every thousand impressions.

So we drove millions of fans for major brands, as well as some sales, though digital plumbing hasn’t evolved to where it is today.

Ten years ago, I thought paying $1 per thousand impressions was a lot of money. And now I think $6 per thousand is doing pretty well.

Curiously, even though the price of traffic is literally 5,000% higher than back then, the ROI is almost as good.

Why? Because the algorithm has gotten smarter (to optimize for us), the creatives are more effective (more video), and we have better strategies to measure and manage social.

Driving leads via Facebook is now about strategy, not about tactical tricks anymore.