We’re trying to help small businesses by training more folks to be able to help them move their business online. It starts with Learn. Do. Teach. The more we know the more we can share. I think we’ll see a crowd-sourcing of education. And what a great opportunity!

A lot of folks have been asking me for direction, so let me break down our course offerings.

All our courses are broken into 1-minute chunks. Why one-minute? That’s how much time you have.

For solopreneurs: start with Vendasta, how to start an agency.

  • Full of tons of great mini-exercises, like making videos,

For business owners, and especially local small business owners, chiro, plumber, etc., start with Social Amplification Engine.

  • Six phase process: plumbing, goals, content, targeting, amplification, optimization

You want to work ON your business not IN your business, or you’re the emotive, creative, relationship-driven type, start with personal branding.

  • Work on your WHY

All three will lead you to the same place, but you can choose where you begin, based on your skills and your situation. But begin by playing to your strengths.

If you’re trying to scale up, look at Checklist Architecture, optimization course, basecamp basics (the six threads on how we organize projects at scale)

Level 4 Project Manager Course; How do you project manage?

If you’re ready to scale, you can start using Learn. Do. Teach.

If you’re a successful business owner (doing more than $1 million/year), then look at the Nine Triangles Course. It’s a framework that will work best if you’re already doing quite well.

There are many ways in to all of our courses, but they all lead to the same framework: The 18 Module Architecture.

There’s a path for the specialists; digital markers, agency owners, stay at home moms. You’ll focus on Modules 7-12.

Modules 1-6 make up the Social Amplification Engine; good for business owners.

If you’re a partner, like Vendasta, GoDaddy, Instagram, there’s a path to train you.

No matter where you are on your journey, think about balancing learning, doing, and teaching.

Then, when you’re ready, and you’ve learned the skills, send your work over to me. We’ll work to get you hooked up in a market-place so you can begin helping others. Think of it like online dating, except for business.

As you share, you’ll get feedback, accoladates, from people like me.

Here’s a tip to get you started: find your lighthouse client. It will be easier to serve 50 businesses that are similar than it will be to serve 10 random, different businesses.

Let me know, what has been your favorite course?

What course did you start with?

What course did you find the most interesting?

How can we improve our courses?

Where have you been stuck?

Most of all, I want to see you succeed!

Hit me up.

And, do something for me, let’s start overcoming the of being on video – start replying to things in short videos! Be it your friends’ text messages, Facebook posts, Instagram messages, whatever.

Just jump in!

Check out all of our courses here.