It’s just too much for me, the failure and pain.

I quit procrastinating, since I’m only be busier tomorrow– I trounce fear head on, doing that thing I’m avoiding immediately.

I quit listening to people who give me unqualified advice, since everyone has an opinion– but only those who have actually done X are qualified to advise me on how to do X.

I quit thinking that I’m not worthy of good things happening to me, since there is more than enough for everyone– my abundance mindset is what will attract goodness to me.

I quit wasting my time, since I value it dearly with learning and earning– I respect myself by imagining I’m a younger version of one of my mentors.

I quit believing I’m destined for failure and have innate flaws– instead reframing my mistakes with “in the past, I used to… but now I ….”

What are you quitting?