People don’t buy courses, they want results.

People don’t buy tools, no matter how many bells and whistles, they want results.

People don’t buy your fancy lifestyle, they want results.

If they can’t afford you, just give them the training on how to do it. You lose nothing, since they couldn’t afford you and would be a nightmare customer anyway.

And those who can afford you, gladly pay top dollar— without you ever needing to beat your own chest or explain what you do in detail.

Present yourself not as another expense- which clients seek to minimize- but as a profit increaser— which they want more of.

Show them how your product or service drives that intended result, step by step, so we can measure the investment and return.

Sell the sizzle, not the steak, say marketing gurus who know how to sell on emotion.

But I say just give them the steak and let happy customers do your marketing for you.

If it’s knowledge, distribute it for free via articles, webinars, social posts, and things that have zero marginal cost to you.

If it’s your time, especially one-on-one private consultations, charge dearly for it, since that’s very expensive— you can’t get that back or create an asset from it.

You’re a skilled doctor in what you do, not a used car salesman. So time to start acting the part.