We provide our people with free healthcare in the United States– they don’t pay a dime.

And that means no cost to see a doctor or even call the hotline.

We have people all over the United States, as well as the Philippines.

It’s a bit over $100 a month– which seems too good to be true. But then you understand how they cut unnecessary spending to get you the right treatments at the right price.

X-rays at a couple hundred dollars instead of a couple thousand dollars.

They have ramped up their services because of COVID-19. And they now offer a Virtual Primary Care Visit for only $49– way better than telemedicine, since they will follow-up.

COVID-19 testing and other services are free for members.

I think this will revolutionize healthcare by cutting out waste to make proper care truly affordable to everyone.

And that employers will use employer-funded healthcare as a competitive advantage to attract and keep good people.

Not a start-up. Dr. David Berg started Redirect Health 25 years and has set up methods to cut the waste in the horribly confusing and complex system.

Check them out.