A little while ago a friend criticized me for not ramping up my passive income.

After all, there are so many people making millions from home selling online courses.

Yet here I am connecting with people individually and helping them– working 14 hours a day.

And putting all our courses out there for free for the next 20 days– no credit card and no upsell, just free.

During a time of crisis, you get a window into who people really are.

And the good people will remember you– buying from you when this whole thing is over.

The more people I’m able to help now, while documenting what’s working step-by-step, the more I’m able to build my courses and programs.

Ironically, the best way to make passive income is to first start with things that don’t scale.

If you skip straight to selling something you’ve done successfully done repeatedly, you might make a quick buck, but screw over a lot of people.

Pay close attention to how people behave right now– to decide who you will do business with after this thing is over.