You’re either creating problems for her or that you’re solving problems for her.

And this is the key to advancing– whether your boss is your employer, client, customer, teacher, or parent (yes, all these are bosses).

I’ve had some incredible mentors over my career– and some spectacular failures, too.

But when I messed up and got feedback on how to improve, I could never imagine talking back to my mentor– to show disrespect when he was going out of his way to help me.

Could you imagine having the balls to say that to the CEO of American Airlines?

Maybe I’m an old-fashioned fuddy-duddy– hey kids- get off my lawn!

But everything good I’ve gotten has been from a boss or mentor who has opened doors for me that they didn’t have to.

I’m not a slave groveling for mercy, but I’m also not a 20 year who knows it all.

By showing my boss/client/mentor that I’m someone who comes in to take care of problems before they even happen, even if it’s not “my fault”, they breathe a sigh of relief when I’m around.

As opposed to being worried that something will blow up in their face, that they will have to intervene, or that they’d have to deal with righteous young anger.

The more you take care of your client/boss/mentor, the greater opportunities they will open for you.

Over time, this grows into something incredible– and it’s the #1 reason for everything good that’s happened for me.

Not because I’m smarter, harder-working, or “better” than anyone.

Have you tried this tactic with your boss? And if you’re a boss, how do you deal with people who are creating problems versus solving problems?