I uploaded a 20 minute training video on how to optimize ad campaigns, step-by-step.

No need to go to a landing page, enter an email address or anything.

Zero teasing, as you typically see— going straight to the techniques. And zero sales pitch at the end.

I targeted the people who are interested in digital marketing.

It started out at a 6 cent cost per 10 second view and is now down to 2 cents per view, with a lifetime average of 4 cents.

Zero tracking codes and zero selling, so I can’t measure a direct ROI.

But I have had a few people come up to me, telling me they’ve seen it and loved it. These people then bought out membership to get more training and some became clients for $20,000.

So I’d say that the $200 I’ve spent on this over the last 4 months has been worthwhile.

And so I extended this another few months.

Why not just put your best stuff out there for free?

Don’t worry about competitors “stealing” your best tips or people taking your advice instead of hiring you.

What actually ends up happening is that people realize this stuff is harder than they thought. And then they reach out to hire you.