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I don’t endorse a lot of people, since few truly have current hands-on expertise at scale. And not just funeral homes- any local service business that has locations.

The TRUTH About Geofencing for Funeral Homes There's been a lot of talk recently about the benefits of adding geofencing to digital marketing campaigns for funeral homes. To that notion, I have a four-word reply: Don't believe the hype. In reality, the traditional type of geofencing administered by most agencies actually provides little-to-no ROI. I'm sorry to say, it's practically a complete waste of money. With that said, there are ways to use the location services on mobile devices to promote your funeral home (and get excellent ROI). They just don't fit into the limited scope and functionality of traditional geotargeting. So if you're pondering a geotargeting campaign or are currently using one (and wondering why it's not performing better), I strongly encourage you to watch a recording of a webinar that I did recently. I explained exactly why traditional geotargeting is expensive and inefficient, and I'll introduce you to a much more beneficial and cost-efficient alternative—one that's perfect for a funeral home.

Posted by Welton Hong on Monday, December 30, 2019