They think I must spend hours a day doing it or have a team of ghostwriters.

My “secret”? I spend 2 hours a week recording videos that then get chopped up into many snippets that go across all social media and get turned into blog posts.

I have a strong team that does this, but if you’re just getting started, you can use Fiverr ($5-20 a task) or hire a virtual assistant for $500 a month, full-time.

Sometimes, I’ve gone weeks without producing anything, since I rely upon evergreen content to drive results, instead of making fresh content every day.

The Topic Wheel is how you structure all of your content into 6 topics, which is your HOW (sharing your knowledge).

The hub of your wheel is your WHAT (the stuff you’re selling).

And the outside of your Topic Wheel is your WHY (start with WHY, sharing stories, generating identity, connecting with emotion).

Want help building out your Topic Wheel, so you can drive a profitable content strategy that takes only a few hours a month of your time?

Want some guidance along the way to make sure you’re doing it right?

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