This is how you shoot one minute videos for professional sellers- real estate agents, mortgage brokers, insurance salesmen, attorneys, etc…

We like to shoot outdoors, as opposed to the “prison lineup” of a white wall directly behind you with dim incandescent lighting.

Shoot continuously with the subject being interviewed by a colleague, not looking in the camera.

We shoot with two cameras— a main camera on a tripod, and one moving shot.

Two mics— lav mics on both people plus a shotgun on the main camera.

I’ve taken a bunch of b-roll, especially vertical video via iPhone, as you see here.

It’s b-roll because it’s filler clips that don’t use sound. We can use b-roll to spice up a single plain clip, to keep attention.

All of these work together to help you not look like you’re in a commercial, but part of a conversation between trusted friends.