Care so deeply that you’d do anything for them, short of compromising your integrity.

And you will have the mission mindset of the servant leader who changes this planet.

More powerful than any marketing gimmick or advertising slogan.

If you truly care, with a heart that breaks for others, it doesn’t matter how shy you are, how strong of a speaker you are, how good looking you are, or how pro you are at digital marketing.

I’ve come to see digital marketing as a series of tactics— good to learn, but no substitute for having compassion for others, to intercede on their behalf, and do the right thing, even if it’s expensive.

A friend called me in distress with a million dollar loss on his hands and his business destroyed. His business partner took off with the money and spent it all on his lifestyle.

Then another friend was ripped off by someone well-known in the industry.

It makes me not want to trust other people, too, since I’ve been burned myself by people who load up on benefits and then skip out, not honoring their agreements, with plenty of flimsy rationalizations.

But I believe that if you don’t give them the opportunity, which opens you up to getting burned, you are denying help for the many that are legitimate. And that’s a price you must be willing to pay, kind of like a tax.

If you don’t have a mission worth sacrificing for, you’re not using your talents to your potential and for what God put you on this planet to do.