Not only to take care of our growing family, but to believe it’s okay to have things for myself, too.

You know how many seemingly successful people on the inside feel they aren’t worthy or deserve nice things?

That’s been me my whole life– but you wouldn’t know that.

I’ve had these limiting beliefs that to do great good in the world, you have to be poor.

I’ve struggled behind the scenes, while putting on this successful front– are you like that, too?

But in today’s modern world, it takes money to pay for people, travel, food, and the costs of running an organization.

So I’m unashamed to say that I want to get filthy rich while also creating a new class of digital marketing specialist– who can provide a stable income for their families and even become business owners if they choose.

Friends, go out there and CRUSH your obstacles– go seek your dreams, massive enough to enlist the people that will help you get there!