Dennis Yu

Dennis Yu | Digital Marketer, Speaker, Agency Builder

I wanted to know the key to his success and how he’s able to manage that many people, without things falling apart.

I was expecting to hear some “deep strategy” or mind-blowing realization.

Instead, he simply told me to make sure people show up– on-time and ready to play.

The fanciest of plans don’t matter if your people don’t show up.

And the #1 frustration I hear from other entrepreneurs is how their people don’t care and don’t think for themselves, leaving the founder to have to micro-manage and solve obvious problems.

McDonalds is the #1 restaurant in the world because they have a system to get people to show up, on time, and ready to play.

Because people go there for the consistency– they know what to expect.

You think you have a great brand?

Ask yourself– is your delivery consistent?

Your people will fight you and make all sorts of excuses. But it’s your job to make sure they show up– on-time, and ready to play.

When you have these fundamental, reliable building blocks in place, then you can build what we call “repeatable excellence”– a scalable system of consistent delivery.